Leftist Dream: PROOF that FOX News is Wrong

So, did you see this?

‘The Five’ Attacks TheBlaze Over Blind Sheikh Story: ‘This Report Is B.S.’

Well, I guess that does it: even FOX News says the racist, bigot, homophobic cry baby, Glenn Beck, is a big fat liar. Happy now, Leftists?

OH! But then there’s this:

NY Post: Source Confirms Obama Admin’s Consideration of Blind Sheik Release

You see, Glenn got his information from a whistle blower “at the highest levels” of the U.S. State Department. And if you on the Left reject that because you can’t believe an Obama Administration official would leak something that would harm Obama, believe it. There are still a few left in this country who place the nation and their oath to support and defend the Constitution before their Party.

One thought on “Leftist Dream: PROOF that FOX News is Wrong

  1. Yawn. You act if everyone in the government “toes the party line”, is in lockstep witht he president, and never has their own agenda…

    Have you ever spent time in DC political circles? FFS. Unless someone is wiling to provide some evidence, or we are dealing with a journalist willing to wait for multiple sources (how many depends on a)their integrity b)their experience and c) how much they “trust” the sources (see a+b)

    Sorry- but I have no commitment to this story either way…yet. But GB has far from proven himself as a “journalist” – at least journalism as I grew up on it.

    So what IS your point here?

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