More Proof that “Legacy Media” is now Democrat Party Propaganda Organ

I saw this and was shocked that “reporters” could possibly be this incredibly stupid/arrogant (ignorant would be too charitable a term):

MSNBC Panel Genuinely Confused Over Negative Reaction to Obama Saying He Believes in ‘Redistribution’

The problem here is simple: the elitists that come through the Ivy League schools are so heavily indoctrinated by Marxist professors and so suffer from the resultant “group think” that they truly believe Americans have come to the point where they would openly embrace Marxism. In fact, they are so convinced of it, they have started to openly admit they are socialist/Marxist, themselves — as well as questioning why any “reasonable” person isn’t, also.

Well, the truth is simple: there are still more AMERICANS in this country than socialists/Marxists — especially if you compare the nation to those in the media, education system and government.

And then there’s this: Glenn Beck told us there would come a time when these people would stop hiding what they really believe and openly admit they are socialist/Marxist. Well, since he won’t do it, I’ll do it for him.


Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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