The United States of Omerica?

Have you ever seen a US President narcissistic enough to recast the American flag in his image, and offer it up for sale?

You have now.

21 thoughts on “The United States of Omerica?

  1. Oh, dear………………….. he’s left out the stars….and that just won’t do! Augger, do you honestly think anyone would buy this piece of crap?

    As a side note, I noticed how chummy you were with Sarah. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I must abide with your snarkiness. Well, you know what? I’m ordering you a bloody handprint Obama flag! Uh-huh. How do ya like them apples?

    • Have to take it easy with the teenagers Kells. I’ll reserve my poundings for those my own size (though hammering Greg is like a match of wits with an unarmed opponent).

    • Yes Kells, The Democratic National Convention was full of American Flag hating, God hating, Israel hating delegates.
      They will buy every one of those “limited edition” disgraceful items…….

      If there are any self styled Democrats who LOVE America, are you really going to vote for that person who has ZERO respect for this country and her inhabitants as evidenced by his actions ?

  2. I do not expect to see these flags on cars like we see the Florida, Florida State, Alabama, LSU flags. At lease in the Panhandle of Florida.

  3. It’s one thing to cast the flag to a logo, for example Harley Davidson uses a flag with an Eagle for their screaming eagle line of products. It’s also another thing to use the flag in logo for political symbolism (ie, check out Romney’s use)

    It’s another damn thing to re-cast the damn flag in your image, or logo has if to make it anew. In Florida, Team Obama could be charged puissant Florida Statute 256.05.

    Just saying.

    • Cute stuff, James, but it doesn’t rise, or sink, to the level of the Omerican flag. Obama must be gnashing his teeth at the guy who decided to put this flag in the catalog.

      • “it doesn’t rise, or sink, to the level of the Omerican flag”

        Agreed. And the fact is that far too few Americans–Democratic or Republican–know the U.S. Flag Code. I saw footage from a Republican Congressional candidate just the other day that had the flag hung incorrectly.

        By the way, both Sarah Palin and George W. Bush violated Florida Statute 256.05–which is undoubtedly unconstitutional, anyway–by autographing flags for admirers. On the other hand, there are so many changes in the ugly Omerican flag that it does not violate that law any more than almost anything else worn at a national political convention.

    • I’m sorry James. I thought the American flag was shaped in the fashion of a rectangle, and not a W or E.

      Nice try and missing the point. 🙂

      • “I thought the American flag was shaped in the fashion of a rectangle”

        Yes, and it also has a blue field backing white stars and 13 stripes–not nine, as this rendition does. Again, I agree that the Obama flag is ugly and offensive–but hardly illegal.

      • Likely sewn by a supporter yes. However, displayed at the Lake County Democratic Party headquarters.

        They sure aren’t shy about embracing it. 🙂

          • Side note: All that coffee talk inspired me to use my La Pavoni. The joys of the “good stuff”. 🙂

            I agree, there are morons on both sides. I have to say though James, that Obama has inspired generation of demonstrative morons on a whole entire new level.

            They are more gregarious than pile of Army ants.

  4. Oh, Augger, if you’re still upset about the Obama flag, you should see what Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin and Abe Lincoln did to it. Sorry to share this so late, but I just came across it because of a link to my own blog:…_About_That__Obama_Flag

    This comes from a conservative blogger, so you needn’t worry about liberal bias. 🙂

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