When I Say It, I’m a “Hater”

But when people connected to Hitler’s regime say it???

Legendary Hedge Funder Warns Social Unrest in EU Mirrors Hitler’s Ascent to Power


Sometimes, I think those who oppose me on the RNL are perfect illustrations of what’s wrong with our nation: too many of us oppose people simply because we’ve been programmed to do so without ever stopping to consider what we are opposing.

14 thoughts on “When I Say It, I’m a “Hater”

    • Greg,

      That was already covered on Druge, other media sources and here on the RNL. The connection is firm, and making it is old news. I am not going to do that work again just because you refuse to keep up. Sorry.

      • I don’t think that you have ever corroborated a story, B, you just pretend to be tired of doing so.

        Where are the posts where Rezzy supposedly threatened you? Where? Show me, that’s all I ask.

        I remember when he published your address; at the time I told you it was a bad thing, but you said it wasn’t that big a deal, you were more upset with the threats, which I recall as dealing more with a what if? scenario.

        But you run to the cops crying that a muslim wants to kill you

        • You know what? I’ve tried long enough with you. If you’re going to be this dishonest with yourself, I’m done with you. You are a waste of time.

          As for what Haq did, it is a matter of public record. If you are that bothered about it, go look it up. I’m happy enough to know that none of the other members of the old NH forum that remember this are going to say I am wrong because they were there and remember. They’ve even been trying to tell you so here in this thread, but you know what you know — even when it isn’t so.

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