More Violent Muslim Protests: French Magazine Posts Naked Muhammad Cartoon

Shocking new video of Muslim protests has come to light. Recently the French humor magazine Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon that depicted Muhammad naked, a cartoon that the UN called “doubly irresponsible” and has the lefty mag, the Nation, in full hand wringing mode:

“Deliberate and obnoxious acts of this type should be deprived of the oxygen of publicity,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, according to her spokesperson. “Given what happened last week, and the fact that people are being killed, Charlie Hebdo is doubly irresponsible to publish these cartoons.”

Be warned that this video contains deplorable and graphic violence. It is quite disturbing.

13 thoughts on “More Violent Muslim Protests: French Magazine Posts Naked Muhammad Cartoon

  1. The ACLU just won a case in New York, filed on behalf of a conservative blogger who wanted to buy space on NYC buses for ads about the ‘jihadist savages’.
    The head of the ACLU there, I forget her name, said yes, the ads are offensive, Even more offensive than that would be to not allow ms. Whatzername to exercise her right to free expression.

  2. Oooh! The Frenchies are in for it now! I don’t think they realise how badly the radical Muslims dislike cartoons.

    The video reminded me of my twin sisters. They were still fighting like that in high school…..over cocoa puffs and clothing….the important things in life, of course.

  3. Embraser means inflame not embrace (that would be embrasse)! Serious diplomatic incidents have been caused in history by the English thinking French words mean what they sound like in English!

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