Who Says The Brits Are Stuffy?

Not this bunch. They all went starkers.

HUNDREDS of naked bathers stripped off this morning in a bid to break the world record for the biggest ever skinny dip.

Yet with barely half the required number taking part, they failed in their bid.

However 200-plus hardy souls did raise a stack of cash for mental health charity Mind.

The North East Skinny Dip took place in Druridge Bay, Northumberland, at sunrise.

12 thoughts on “Who Says The Brits Are Stuffy?

  1. Well, do you know I shall be sending pics of my bazookas for this “Save the Boobs” Campaign? I figure so long as they don’t see my face, they may observe my beautiful, er, bountiful DD’s. See the lengths that I will go to in order to collect money for breast cancer? The uncomfortable thing is that I must PM the pic to this fella so he’s gonna know damn well whose bazookas are pictured…..

    @B. – M. is the silly boy on the left holding my hand (he was afraid of sharks.)

      • Ha! It is silly Dan. I asked him if our faces must be in the shot, but I have yet to hear back. I shall participate if I can just do the boobs. The funny thing is, is that I would have no problem with doing a nudie scene in a show; I think it’s just that I seem to detach myself on stage. I suppose I’m a silly girl….

        I will give you the website where these are posted…shhhhh…

        Now, I must go and strip a silly boy down for the final night! Thank goodness!

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