Unskewed poll results

Unskewed poll results

The good people at UnskewedPolls.com have conducted a study of recent media polls and come to a startling conclusion: almost every single major media poll that you see reported in the news has a significant bias in favor of Barack Obama.

This is how they do it: After they poll Americans about their presidential preferences, they then go and weight the polls to over-sample for Democrats. In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, for instance, they claimed that only 24% of Americans would were Republicans. And so they made their presidential election polls to reflect a turnout that would be just 24% Republican. We know this is all complete nonsense.

Here’s the chart of how the media polls would be if the media’s bias towards Obama was neutralized, and a proper weight of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc… would be reflected:

Every single poll when the bias is removed shows that the Romney/Ryan ticket actually holds a lead over the Obama/Biden ticket.

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