Changed Your Mind… It’s OK

You know America has a problem with poles…. oops I meant polls.  The professional pollsters are using so many polling models it sort of like all the spaghetti charts used to predict hurricane movements.  View it at the DRYER REPORT

Now while I don’t know a single person ever asked to participate in these polls it is amazing how campaigns put so much weight into the results of these pieces of fiction.  While I understand that the polls do have a place in the election season, the reliance on them has gotten so out of hand that paralysis by analysis has gotten to epidemic proportions.

Most people who have been paying attention to the political process have a fairly good idea as to the overall mood of the Nation and more often than not, it doesn’t match the polling data. Why?  Well perhaps the pollsters are asking either the wrong questions or the wrong people.  If either one of those things happen then the data will be skewed.

You know if asked by a pollster about the choice of Presidential candidate, you might be a bit conflicted.  You know that if you voted for Barack Obama in the last Presidential election, for whatever reason, and now you have a bit of “buyer’s remorse” it OK to change your mind.  There is no one that is without fault and the best part of making something wrong, correct,  is to admit that there is a fault and then do the actions necessary to make the needed correction.  I believe there a quite a few voters in the previous Presidential election who feel this exact way.  The bottom line is …. it OK.  There were many factors that were in play in the last Presidential election cycle, and yes it was a historic time in our Nation’s history.  While there is quite a list of Obama accomplishments it’s the ones that impact all Americans that have people troubled.  To make a change is the way to correct the error and you are not alone if you feel like President Obama has not lived up to his end of the bargain he promised in 2008.  You are not alone and be of good cheer because you can make a difference on election day 2012.

And really there is no need to beat yourself up about voting for Obama in 2008.

6 thoughts on “Changed Your Mind… It’s OK

  1. First of all, thanks for linking to my post on Political Realities. Secondly, you are right. These polls are easily skewed to make them achieve the desired results. It’s up to people like you and me to spread the word and let the rest of America know it’s okay to realize just how big of a mistake electing Barack Obama was. Once that is accomplished, the mistake can be corrected. I just hope enough of us realize that fact before November 6.

  2. Thank you, HD, you are very kind. 🙂

    Seriously, this is the approach I have been urging people to take. People, take your cue here from Hockeydad, he has set a tone that should be emulated.

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