Senate Asks For Benghazi Communiqués

The Republicans in the Senate are curious:

Two top senators on the Foreign Relations Committee don’t want to wait for the State Department to do its own investigation into the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens; they want Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to show them Stevens’s diplomatic cables and other correspondence now.

“While we appreciate the sensitivities associated with this ongoing investigation, we must insist on more timely information regarding the attacks and the events leading up to the attacks,” wrote Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Johnny Isaakson (R-GA) in a letter to Clinton Tuesday.

They acknowledged that Clinton is in the process of setting up an Accountability Review Board, although its chairman former Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Pickering said Monday that the panelhasn’t started it work yet. But the senators don’t want to wait for the board to finish its report, which might not be transmitted to Congress until next spring.

“To that end, we request that you transmit to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee all communications between the U.S. Mission to Libya and the State Department relevant to the security situation in Benghazi in the period leading up to the attacks, including, but not limited to, cables sent from Ambassador Stevens,” they wrote.

Hmmm. Where have we heard this before?

22 thoughts on “Senate Asks For Benghazi Communiqués

    • Kells,

      ANYONE who buys the White House BS that they do not and did not know what is/was going on is as naive as they come. As badly as it has been damaged by Leftist politicians, I simply cannot believe the CIA fell down this badly — especially since they would STILL have contacts with foreign intelligence agencies that HAVEN’T been gutted by their own governments.

      Obama knew. He knows now. The truth just doesn’t fit his narrative.

      • You realize that CNN found Christopher’s journal in the rubble, right?

        The White House is going nuts with CNN over that. I wonder what is in it, that they are afraid of …

        • Part of what CNN says is in there is the ambassador expressing concern for his own safety. If HE knew there was actionable intel in the region, Obama knew it — and this is part of what Obama is trying to cover up: that the diary confirms the accusations against his negligence.

        • Working. I took a new job and this boss thinks salary=slave. I’m giving him time to figure out I will not work as a qualified, competent repair tech 12+ hrs/day for what amounts to less than $9/hr. At the rate he is going, he has about 2 weeks left for it to dawn on him or he’ll be looking for his 3rd tech in 6 weeks time.


          • You’re far too intelligent for that pay. (Holy crap! I actually agreed with B.!) B.; can you not do a radio program? I would listen to your crazy-assed self. Actually, it would be more entertaining with me on it (just saying.)

            • Very kind of you to say, Kells — on all counts. Thanks 🙂

              Believe it or not, I have had chats with people inside the industry about that. Two issues — at least locally.

              1st — They think I am FAR too black-and-white to keep advertisers. HOWEVER, they also said they truly believe I have the potential to be the next mega host — and these guys personally know Rush, Hannity AND Beck — BUT, they say it will require a producer who really knows and knows how to handle me to keep me from getting to harsh with my stance. A guy/gal who can distract/corral me on air, so to speak.

              2nd — No open slots 😦 The local people love Darrel Day and their other personalities and the other channel seems to be content with their syndicate programs.

              That said, one of these people will probably have his own local station (very limited coverage area) by this winter (on the beach), and he has already told me he wants me to at least host a Saturday show for an hour or so and see what happens. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

              • 1st – I’m a great distraction, and you know and I know that I can corral your tail.

                2nd – I dig Derrel, and he’s an awfully sweet fella. I embrace competition.

                I must do a musical in Dec., but you should make it the Bells and Black Show (I am the “entertainer” after all.) I say, have you spoken to Phil about posting an article in the Bullet? I’m very fond of him…now my mind is going off on a tangent….. I shall call him on your behalf if you’d like (even though we both know that you’d be better off with me, I mean ME, involved.

                • IF I were ever given the chance, I already have someone in mind (sorry, Kells, he just knows how to handle me better than you do — especially on the fly).

                  As for Phil and the Bullet, I must confess ignorance. I have no idea who he is or what that is.

                  I WILL tell you I gave up writing to the News Herald because I see them as a waste of time, but have since found out my letter about Orwell’s 1984 is not part of the MAPPS curriculum at Mosley — in a positive sense.

                • This is why you’re a silly boy. Let’s face it; everybody loves a girl.

                  I was speaking on Phil Lucas who was a writer at the NH and then started his own rag. I’m very fond of Phil. I cannot believe you do not know of the Bullet. Maybe your little boyfriend can help you get your head outta GB’s tail. I know I’ve got a hot hand…..I can to be sure.

                • If Phil thinks I can contribute and would be interested in providing me an opportunity, then by all means, I would love to help.

                  As for being up Glenn Beck’s butt…. Kells, I follow the truth as best I can find and understand it. If OBAMA were as right as Beck is, then I guess you would be telling me to get out of HIS butt.

                  I’ll tell you what you should be considering: why YOU do not listen to a man who has proven to be about 80% accurate in his predictions. You can dismiss him all you want, but he has been the ONLY major figure to have called the current problems in the world accurately, and he did so up to five years in advance and with enough detail and specificity to be a prophet (he isn’t)

                  (NOTE: when I say Beck has been correct, I mean in the significant aspects of his predictions and not the stupid details James thinks he can discredit a person for picking at. That’s like telling you that you saved my severed leg because you put a band aid on my scratched forehead, but James and others seem to think that is a legitimate method of debate. I do not, I think it is an admission of defeat on the ideas and, lacking the integrity to admit it, they simply fall back on their Alinsky indoctrination and call names or put words in peoples’ mouths.)

                • Look here, missy smarty pants, I’ve NEVER claimed to use only one source and, if you read what I post, you would KNOW this to be true. In fact, if you read my posts, you would KNOW that I often go behind what Beck tells me to verify he told me the truth. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this is F-A-R more than you bother doing, so why don’t you grab your two little ears and pull – HARD — until you hear a loud, wet, sucking POP and see bright light (that will be the sun).

                • Please step a litlle closer, my little honey B., for I’m terribly craving to slap the hell outta thee.
                  Well, Mr. I-follow-up-all-my-leads poster; where the hello are the links? Say what you will, B.! Say what you will….You shall pay for your insolence, and tchya…………… ya know what? I won’t use any links. (I know creative thinkers confound you, but just let it stew in the gray matter for a bit.)

              • There, I took TWO steps closer, now give it your best shot. HOWEVER, just remember, when your picking your ass up off the ground, that won’t be male chauvinism, it will be equal treatment toward someone who lets her alligator mouth overload her bunny rabbit ass because she thinks she grew a pair without her husband noticing.

                As for the links, why bother? How many times have you said and Greg proven you guys don’t read/watch them? I lost count, myself. So why waste my time. The people I write for now either know about this already, or have enough curiousity to take what I provide and go look for themselves.

                (you lazy little want-to-be liberal, you… >:-/ )

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