Voter Fraud and FDR

Here’s a story for you:

MacIver: Military Voters in Wisconsin Told to Submit Ballots a Week After Deadline

The Federal Voting Assistance Program website published an incorrect deadline for the return of returning military ballots in Wisconsin. Had this error not been corrected, thousands of Wisconsin servicemen and women could have been disenfranchised in this key swing state this November.

Now, I’m sure that there will be people who are quick to say this was just a simple oversight, even in spite of the almost daily “oversights” our government now claims to have.  But then, this is a matter of politics and, as such, I can’t help but remember something FDR said about this very issue:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.


I guess we should all be thankful for the many grass-roots watch dogs out there, huh? 😉

15 thoughts on “Voter Fraud and FDR

  1. Not only that, but apparently Florida’s “voter purge” has exposed voters registered in NY and FL, and have submitted their names to the Feds.

    But as Holder said … “There is no voter fraud.”

    • Yep, I heard that. What’s more, the fact that they did NOT announce the Party affiliation of those double registered strongly “suggests” the majority are DEMOCRATS!

      Have you ever noticed how quick the media is to point out the Party of a Republican and how they do everything they can to bury the Party affiliation when a Democrat is involved? 😉

  2. “I guess we should all be thankful for the many grass-roots watch dogs out there, huh?”

    Absolutely, regardless of why the wrong date was originally posted. And anything’s possible (nice FDR quote, though it would call into further question many actions by both Dems and Republicans), though with the record of the acting chief of the FVAP, I suspect she’s more inept than biased against military voters:

    “Mitchell retired from the United States Army after 25 years of service in the fields of military personnel policy, management and personnel systems, encompassing company, battalion, brigade, corps, theater, and Army Personnel Command assignments. Key positions included Chief, Field Systems and Chief, Personnel Service Support at the United States Total Army Personnel Command, and Director, Enlisted Management for United States Army Europe.”

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