It Is Romney’s Fault

Well, 4 years on, we really can’t expect Obama to keep blaming Bush, can we?

These are up at Drudge:

2Q GDP revised down to 1.3% from 1.7%…

Durable orders drop 13.2%…

SANTELLI: ‘Depressingly weak’…

But somehow the media will find a way to blame this on Mitt or maybe he will just be a racist for mentioning it. I mean, being the First Black and First Gay President is total insulation from criticism and a balm to cure all ills, amiright?

Meanwhile, Hillary plays President as Obama votes “present” on the campaign trail:

Just when you think that Obama has reached the epitome of pathetic performance in office, you realise that the SCOAMF in Chief has another gear.

2 thoughts on “It Is Romney’s Fault

  1. Well, you beat me to it Utah. I was going to write on this very topic today, however I was going to bust the “4 million created jobs” narrative.

    This administration is so completely dysfunctional, I honestly do not know where to begin.

  2. Actually, YES, we can. I heard a clip from a speech Obama gave today in which he said he needs more time because “this problem took DECADES to create.”

    There you have it: it is the past DECADES of “other guys” who are to blame, NOT him.

    HISTORY NOTE: Coolidge TOTALLY reversed the DEPRESSION of 1920-21 in 18 months and led to “The Roaring 20’s,” so history tells us that these problems CAN be resolved — IF you follow natural law. In this case, cut spending AND taxes and get regulation out of the Peoples’ way. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

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