Obamas Exemplify 180 Degree Rule

While Obama is attacking the rich, or 1%, for not paying “their fare share,” he and his family are literally living 24.22 TIMES more lavishly than the British Royal Family — and it is at the expense of the 70 million workers who actually pay NET federal income taxes:

Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year, perks questioned in new book

Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.

In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family.

Incidentally, that 70 million NET tax payers means they are carrying the cost of supporting the other 240 MILLION Americans who do NOT pay NET federal taxes. That is 1 NET taxpayer per every 3.43 NON-PAYING Americans. And we’re told THEY aren’t paying their “fair share.” I think Obama has a problem with the English language because — apparently — he doesn’t understand the definition of “fair.”


The issue here is simple: when Obama complains that the PRODUCERS are not paying their fair share, he means HE AND HIS SUPPORTERS are not paying THEIR fair share.  That is the very epitome of the 180 degree rule.

42 thoughts on “Obamas Exemplify 180 Degree Rule

  1. These are the perks of being in government. And Obama knows with his charisma he can get away with a lot of this stuff, just like Romney can get away with bashing half the country because he knows he can get out the Fox News vote.

    • Bashing what half of the country exactly, Scarecrow? You mean the opposite half of the liberal’s “rich guys” class warfare narrative?

      The funny thing about the truncated Romney narrative is that it was the liberals who truncated it to give a false impression furthering their (I suppose benevolent) class warfare divisive message. You see that message every single day in the Obama campaign. Meanwhile back at the ranch … Romney’s message seems to be a bit more upbeat … “get the government out of the way” … “lets get everyone back to work” …

      But oh boy, that sure does not appeal to those living in that massive 40% increase in property over the past 4 years gang, now does it? Or, does in fact sound good to them, but maybe not to you?

      You need to remember that these politicians are civil servants who are supposed to represent us all … equally. Do you think Obama has really done that? If so, I have a bridge to sell your dumb ass. 🙂

      • I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that Obama’s presidency has been a good one. It has not. But I have to say, Romney is far more fun to criticize because he gives you so much more to joke about. Obama bores me at this point.

        • If Obama bores you, you should spend some time on Wasserman-Schultz, Jay Carney, Harry Reid, Madonna, Samuel L. Jackson, and any other host of the Obama sycophants.

          A life time of comedy for you to enjoy. 🙂

                  • I’m Canadian. I don’t live in that anti-islam bubble. They’re only a threat because you keep bombing them. It’s no wonder they’re pissed.

                    • Then you have not been paying attention, because they have started attacking your country as well. the problem may be that your media doesn’t tell you the truth anymore than ours does to us. But this is not an “anti-Islam” position I hold, it is the objective reality. You can tell yourself whatever lies you need to tell to feel safe, but the FACT remains that the Muslim Brotherhood has openly declared their intentions to end ALL Western civilization and — last time I checked — that includes you too, scarecrow.

                      I hope you’ll wake up faster than the rest of the West, but I am not counting on it. 😦

                    • I appreciate patriots, but they need some common sense. America has done some evil, evil things. To say you’re God’s chosen country is ridiculous. I don’t understand blind patriotism, I can tell you that much. I used to be a huge Glenn Beck fan, but the guy is so pro-american he can’t see the truth right in front of him. He doesn’t even understand simple economics. America is the most right wing nation on earth. 90% of countries have some form of health care for the poor. America doesn’t, because THAT would be socialism…LOL. America’s banks and corporations have brought the world to its knees economically and nobody is willing to admit it. Instead, they want to bomb Iran and blame a small group of muslims who committed 9/11. 9/11 was horrible, but how many 9/11s happen overseas? How many BY Americans? I’m rooting for America but you guys need to get some serious humility fast because China is going to take over us all and you’re still in the dark ages fighting over health care. Canada has it and we’re economically stronger than you. It’s really all we have left. If America goes, we’ll just sign on with China. We’ve got oil AND water. But I’d rather we gave it to you. I don’t understand this “we’re the greatest country in the world – American exceptionalism” thing. That’s a running joke in the rest of the world. You’re becoming an island.

                    • 1 — I am not a blind patriot. I am well aware this nation has made mistakes.

                      2 — I have never said this is God’s chosen country — that’s Israel. This country was just dedicated to Yahweh.

                      3 — America is NOT “the most right wing nation on earth,” and your comment only shows how far left YOU are. The argument about “everyone else does it, so you must be backward” is also a fallacious argument — and one history has shown YOU are on the wrong side of in this instance.

                      Finally, do you even understand what it means to say “America is an exceptional nation?” Because, judging from this post, I think you have another wrong idea in your head.

                  • @HD,

                    Too many people seem to forget who started this thing. This Islamic fire was burning long before America was even a territory. The notion that we started this by bombing them is ignorant of history at best, or maybe hopelessly naive, and criminal if the person telling you they are not a threat knows the truth about history.

                • “I’m Canadian. I don’t live in that anti-islam bubble. They’re only a threat because you keep bombing them. It’s no wonder they’re pissed.”

                  That’s actually a good point there. Obama and his drone wars … the news is breaking today that this is the specific reason for the attacks …. and also that they knew it all along, but did not come clean as to tarnish his re-election bid.

                  The corruption of this administration runs as deep as the ocean, no doubt.

            • The “if”/”then” quantifier should be a clue as to how you might take my response Scarecrow. Not knowing you, you will have to look inward to see how that condition applies to you.

    • @Scarecrow,

      Romney did not bash that 47% of the electorate. Listen to the clip again. He said it poorly, but he was clearly referring to not worrying about trying to win their vote. This is a far cry from saying he isn’t worried about their welfare. The two are not the same and it is a dangerous path to walk when we let the media and peer pressure push us into accepting they are and that this is what Romney actually said.

      NOTE: in spite of what James will claim, I am NOT a Romney supporter, I am just anti-Marxist/anti-Colonialist Traitor (i.e. Obama). Furthermore, and even more important, I “try” to look for the truth as best I can understand it and, in this case, what Romney was trying to explain to his audience should be clear — even to Obama supporters.

      Also, please do not take this as an attack on you. It isn’t. I’m just offering some words of caution. Certainly, you are free to dismiss them or consider them at your choosing 🙂

    • No, that’s not a perk anyone I know approves of, regardless of the R or D after the politicians name. We elect people to run our government and we agree to pay them a fair salary to do that job. In OWEbozo’s case, he hasn’t done his job but he has spent money like he was crowned king.

      • Bush did the same thing. The policies haven’t changed. He’s just spent money faster. Is that what we’re doing? Voting for the guy who sucks less?

        • In many cases, yes. But you have to understand that Bush is a Progressive and though Obama is in the general Progressive camp, he is also an anti-colonialist (i.e. anti-American Marxist). This means they will both hold the same general goals, they just fight over how to get there. Carroll Quigley addressed this in his book “Tragedy and Hope:” we have 1 Party pretending to be 2.

          As for the massive spending, look up “Cloward and Piven Strategy” and see if that sheds any light on what is going on with out government.

          • He’s not a marxist. Obamacare isn’t socialism. Americans are so brainwashed. Obama is a right wing fascist, not a left wing socialist. I don’t know what to say, man.

            • Really? Ah…have you read the COmmunist Manifesto and Das Kapital? He IS a Marxist (that is what anti-colonialism was built on). And Obamacare most certainly IS socialism — only on a fascistic model. But then, this American is not so brainwashed as to NOT know and understand that fascism is a form of socialism, as is communism and Progressivism.

              Where you seem to have a problem is in your understanding of what right and left mean in the political spectrum. In American politics, fascism is NOT on the right, it is on the left. Fascism is a form of total government, and total government is to the far left of the American spectrum. (NAZI meant national SOCIALIST).

  2. Ahhh… so the Canadians are coming to the rescue… See things ARE really that bad. Thanks Dudley now go check out some other set to train tracks for some much needed help. 😛

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