Progressives Begin Drum Beat to End 1st Amendment…Because “The World Doesn’t Like It!”

Do you think the warnings that this administration and Progressives in general want to silence you is hyperbole and the the hysterical claims of a bunch of paranoid, right-wing nuts? OK, then explain this:

The World Doesn’t Love the First Amendment
The vile anti-Muslim video shows that the U.S. overvalues free speech.

But there is another possible response. This is that Americans need to learn that the rest of the world—and not just Muslims—see no sense in the First Amendment. Even other Western nations take a more circumspect position on freedom of expression than we do, realizing that often free speech must yield to other values and the need for order. Our own history suggests that they might have a point.

If you think this article has a point, be careful: you are drinking a slightly altered batch of cool aid. Do your own homework and look at the REAL history of the 1st Amendment. Start with the founding and look ONLY to original source material from the historic record. You might find this story is being…shall we say, “less than honest” in its take as to when, why and how the 1st Amendment became important.

2 thoughts on “Progressives Begin Drum Beat to End 1st Amendment…Because “The World Doesn’t Like It!”

  1. Nice try at lumping all progressives together again, Joe. Yet the only folks I’ve seen actually support restrictions of the First Amendment on the RNL–in the case of doctors–came from conservatives.

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