Case in Point

I was arguing with B. (what’s new) about links. I don’t mind reading links. These boys are very fond of them, God…..zilla! If I had a nickel for every link I’ve read, I’d be wearin a tux while FL wears an evening gown and Dusty would have to be driving our limo. Then again, Texas and FL have been extremely lazy in the writing department, so perhaps they would be better served…..serving me.

Understandably, links are used in order to make or prove a point. It’s terribly sad, really, that people need proof.  I get it. I’ll abide by the rules….even though I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to because I’m a cute, sweet girl.  (It truly beat the hello outta me how Sweet Wills was arrested the night I went hot-tubbing with him…….. I would give a link, but I have promised to make this post link-free.)

Shall I go on? You won’t believe me for I’m a silly girl. What B. doesn’t realize is that GB fails to mention pertinent stories.  Did you know that James and CCF actually went on a hobo hunt or that M. really has four sister wives? I could provide you with the sordid details of these stories, but it wouldn’t be through my buddy, Glen. Nope; it would be a different link. The boys are safe….this time around.

Sometimes, a real journalist must find his own links. How else would I have found out about Daddy’s sick foot fetish or G.’s “other” photography shots? Yes, I can get to the meat of the matter, pal Joey, and I use more than one source. I have to; it’s the only way I knew what happened when you went out with drug boy last Friday….. Uh-huh. Now who’s happy this post didn’t include links?


9 thoughts on “Case in Point

  1. So you are the latest convert to the “I hate Glenn Beck just because” club?

    What stories does Beck “ignore” that aren’t already covered by others in the conservative world or Pravda West? And what about the hard news he DOES report that — without him — may not have ever seen the light of day? Obama giving the blind Sheik back to Egypt was a story Beck broke — and EVERYONE ignored…for about 3-5 days. then, POOF, everyone had the story themselves and no mention of Beck of the Blaze. Hmmm…

    You know what I think? I think the reason EVERYONE ignores Beck is because he is a REAL patriot and is outside their 1 Party pretending to be 2 system. THAT’S what I think — because the evidence supports that conclusion!!!

    Also, I’ve gotten tired of providing the same links over and over again. If your memory is so poor that you can’t keep up with my work, DON’T READ IT!!!

    • No, silly boy. I enjoy Beck. My whole point is to explore other sources. I thought that was clear….in fact I just nabbed one of your, er, YOUR posts as a link.

      Trust me when I say that when you scream in bold, I am louder than you when I sing. Come to my musical, and I shall happily prove it to you….. Damn! I forgot 🙂

    • So The Blaze starts a rumor, which the White House denies is true, and you think that makes Glenn Beck a prophet?
      Why do you persist in this ridiculous pattern of conflating rumor and innuendo with news? Think about it, if Obama releases, or pardons, an unrepentant convicted terrorist, he would be handing the Republicans all they need to win back power. You said it yourself Obama is not stupid, so why waste a moment of your time thinking that he would do something so completely and utterly stupid?

      • Because he would do it AFTER THE ELECTION!!!

        Not me or Obama who is stupid here… Greg, seriously, if you EVER stop objecting to everything I say simply because I said it (goes for most people you object to) and start trying to think past square one before you comment, you might — MIGHT, have you — get a little credibility back. But, as it stands now, you are easier to swat away than Rezz, and that’s sad to have to accept. You were invited to the RNL because you were among the more rational, more intellectually honest liberals on the old NH forum, but now, to be perfectly honest, I’d put you in the same stack as Rezz and Buggerthat. Now, if you count that compliment, well…

      • “You said it yourself Obama is not stupid, so why waste a moment of your time thinking that he would do something so completely and utterly stupid?”

        I guess because he has done so many other stupid things…………………..

  2. Beck has the flu and needs pediwhatever. Huh? You know people are going to see a movie that Mr. Beck had on his show 3 years ago. But he’s crazy mad and a snake oil salesman. I doesn’t matter where the link comes from Bugger if it’s true.

    Oh crap…a flashback to 3 years ago when we all started out in to this brave new world. Whew that was CA RAZY!! 😀

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