$18,000 for Birth Control?

Bahahahah! $18,000 for Birth Control? Is that an eighteen with three zeros? Really?

Are they including a lifetime supply of non-generic Valtrex with those oral contraceptives? Holy moly…


12 thoughts on “$18,000 for Birth Control?

  1. Augger,

    BC = ABORTION, and thems aint cheap.

    Obama and his peeps have to find some way to keep shoveling money at Planned Parenthood if they want to keep getting their kickbacks for their elections.

  2. What I fail to understand is the logic that leads these ridiculous idiots to believe that you, or I, are responsible for paying for their birth control. They get all the fun, we get the bill.

  3. What you silly boys don’t realise is that these costs include massive supplies of Viagra and Cialis. This is what you’re not told. Are you thinking differently now?

    (Gah! I love to amuse myself.)

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