Israel Is The Problem. The Jews Are The Roadblock To Middle East Peace.

What are we to make of the recent performance of our UN delegation and Ambassador Susan Rice?

The delegation sits in place for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech (it was widely reported that there was a boycott but the video of the speech shows different) and Rice chooses lunch with Hillary over attending Netanyahu’s speech.

Rice raised her hand to oppose the Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s settlement activity but, as John Podhoretz notes, she made sure that everybody knew it was not really her first choice:

…then Rice opened her mouth, and as I write, is delivering a truly foul speech in which she flatly declares that “we reject in the strongest terms the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,” and declares that such activity is, essentially, the cause for “corroded hopes” in the Middle East. She condemned “the folly and legitimacy” of continued settlement activity.

The action was the right thing; but no one should mistake the action as an act of friendship from the Obama Administration, still in thrall to the notion that Israeli action rather than Arab and Palestinian action is the primary problem between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.

Obama continues in an effort to fund the Egyptian government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, the expressed desire of which is expressed by Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Muhammed Mahdi Akef:

“…as far as the movement is concerned, Israel is a Zionist entity occupying holy Arab and Islamic lands…and we will get rid of it no matter how long it takes.”

Obama blows off Netanyahu for Letterman and campaign events and treats him like a telemarketer he put on the “do not call” list.

What proposition could tie these things together in any semblance of logic?

Israel is the problem. The Jews are the roadblock to Middle East peace.

This is the only way the Obama Middle East policy makes sense is to start from this point and work out.

Obama and his team know that they cannot attack Israel directly or they will lose valuable support of liberal Jews in America – but what they can do is to support the enemies of the only unconditional ally the US has in the region. For a very long time, the Arabic states in the region have used the Palestinians as pawns and surrogates in the battle to destroy Israel. The only things that have kept Israel alive are the promise of God and the unconditional support of the United States.

The President and his party believe that Israel has seen preferential and unequal treatment as compared to the US support of other countries in the regions and they seek to “equalize” treatment of Israel with other states in the region.  In fact, Israel has seen such treatment – they are a minority population surrounded by enemies. Any such “equalization” of treatment will spell sure death for the Israelis…and the Obama regime knows it. They will allow the rest of the Arabic world to continue the assault on Israel by tossing up their hands and claiming that they are treating all countries “fairly”.

The Obama Administration believes that the Middle East would be peaceful if only Israel didn’t exist.

That was made clear in 2009 when Obama adviser and anti-Israel advocate, Samantha Power said this:

“In the Palestine [sic] and Israeli situation, there’s an abundance of information and what we don’t need is some kind of early warning mechanism. What we need is a willingness to actually put something on the line and sort of helping the situation. And putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import. It may more crucially mean sacrificing or investing, I think, more than sacrificing, literally billions of dollars not in servicing Israeli’s [sic] military but actually investing in the new state of Palestine. In investing billions of dollars it will probably take also to support, I think, what will have to be a mammoth protection force…a meaningful military presence because it seems to me at this stage and this is true of actual genocides as well and not just major human rights abuses which we’re seeing there, but is that you have to go in as if you’re serious. You have to put something on the line and unfortunately imposition of a solution on unwilling parties… Unfortunately, it does require external intervention…”

About which, Lauri Regan at the American Thinker had this to say:

So here we have a high ranking member of the Obama Administration who believes that “major human rights abuses” are occurring in Israel and that in order to correct that situation, military aid to Israel should cease. Instead, this high ranking government official is advising the President that US taxpayer dollars should be used to invest in “Palestine” and to sustain a military presence in Israel in order to impose her ideology on a US ally.

Who is Samantha Power?

She is a rising star of the Obama Administration who is being discussed as a replacement for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State should Obama win a second term and Hillary decide to pick up her toys and go home.

Israel is the problem. The Jews are the roadblock to Middle East peace.

The Obama Administration believes that the Middle East would be peaceful if only Israel didn’t exist.

That’s the policy.

14 thoughts on “Israel Is The Problem. The Jews Are The Roadblock To Middle East Peace.

  1. Their position makes about as much sense as saying that OWEbozo could have solved all of America’s problems in the last 3 years if he didn’t have GOP opposition in the legislature.

  2. If Samantha Power is the person I think she is, THAT LADY WILL BE VERY BAD NEWS! I believe she is the driving force behind the “Duty to Protect” doctrine now being pushed through the UN, and — if this is accepted and made U.S. law — it could see the U.S. being forced to militarily oppose Israel.

    Do you know what happens to EVERY nation that opposes Israel?

  3. I watched the video, which is from 2002, and I see no denial of military support to Israel, but a call for a military force to counter any move toward genocide by ‘one party or another’.
    Ms. Power has been criticized by anti-zionists, in part because she wrote a book about genocide that did not name Israel as a perpetrator of same. Some people cannot win….

  4. Oh yes. Israel. The infallible “ally”. Even when they attackone of our spy ships (USS Liberty) to cover up their war crimes.

    I must ask- have you ever been to Israel? Or Palestine? Because believe me- it gives a much harsher reality of the situation- from both sides, then you see on the news in your comfy chair.

    Let’s make no mistake here. Both sides of the issue have long been a roadblock to an actual solution. With the non-starter of a demand of a “right to return” being a major issue on the palestinian side. But Israel bears much blame as well, on everything from their control of borders, which causes everything from shortages, to destruction of businesses that rely on actually being able to cross those borders, to deaths when palestinians can’t get through checkpoints to hospitals…to the issue of the settlers, violating israels own laws and violating bith the international law and human rights of palestinians.

    And yes, the evil muslim brotherhood. So tell me- what steps have the Egyptian leadership taken against Israel? Or are we seeing, as we have time and again throughout history, that those that are free to be loudmouth radicals when they have no responsibility almost invariably move towards the center when they are forced to deal with the responsibility of power?

    And shall we talk about the current situation with Netanhayu? Who has lost the support of his own military, of his own government, and his own people in is intransient demands re: Iran? Who realizing he had no backing in his own country tried to DEMAND that the US be his enforcer? Ironic that the right loves to bitch about the so called “takers” in our country, and yet Israel, a tiny country, is our largest receipient of foreign aid. And one that their disenfranchised leader is now desperately trying to dictate US Foreign Policy.

    And of course, let’s not forget. Over the past several decades we have “enjoyed” republican “leadership” in our country far more then democratic. And yet these issues not only have not been resolved, but in many cases have gotten worse.

    And I’ll ask. Do you know any Iranians? (I do). Do you know anyone who has spent time in the country? (again, I do). Their “president” is a figurehead. The leader, the “supreme Leader” has remained unchanged since…Clinton I believe? And yet a great deal of the society is VERY western leaning. With a very well educated and forward thinking population. A country many scholars believe to be the “birthplace of civilization” and a population not only ready, but most likely of all in the middle east to transform the middle east in a positive (from a western point of view at least)

    But of course, vastly complex issues spanning decades are much simpler when they boil down to jeudo/christian=good, muslim=bad.

    • You have broken the sacred rule; you are not 100% behind Israel, no matter what. Expect to be pilloried by the right-wingers in their avid defense of socialist Israel, with its national health care and compulsory military service, its communes and its 48% top personal income tax rate. Go figure.

    • “And of course, let’s not forget. Over the past several decades we have “enjoyed” republican “leadership” in our country far more then democratic”

      hehehe, well … I wonder why that would be. lol

      Football … love it. 🙂

    • Wow, so much dumbass packed in such a little space.

      I’m not surprised that you are a Liberty Truther. The Liberty incident was investigated by no fewer than 8 tribunals in the US and Israel and declared a mistake – an error. It was also in the middle of the 6 Day War, so I guess you are referring to Israel not allowing Egypt to overrun their country as “war crimes”.

      As a matter of fact, I have spent time in Israel and Gaza. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well. I know that you can’t fly directly from many Arab countries because they don’t even show Israel on a map.

      I have a pretty good grasp of the situation. I saw the before and after in Gaza after it was handed back to the Palestinians. Ah, yes the cruel treatment of the Palestinians – never mind that these are the people who surround Israel, lob rockets indiscriminately into Israel’s cities and send kids packed with explosives to kill themselves and innocent people in public areas.

      In 2003, I was at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv two weeks after the Mike’s Place bombing killed 3 people and wounded 50. I saw the destruction and witnessed personally the effect on the people, so yes, I know the situation. Israel is a country smaller than the state of New Jersey, surrounded on three sides by enemy states and on the other by the Mediterranean. Their system of government and the requirements of a rapid defense is structured to manage that situation. They are under constant threat and our aid and their determination are the reasons that they have been able to defend such a small place from being overrun.

      I’ve also seen the relative economic prosperity and individual freedom in Israel compared to the poverty and repression in its neighbors.

      Yeah, let’s not take the Muslim Brotherhood at its word that they want to destroy Israel. Let’s ignore that they are twins with Hamas – and organization that shares a desire for the same destruction…because they haven’t done anything yet.

      Netanyahu a “disenfranchised leader”? I would like to see where your data is on that one. Maybe on the leftist side of Israeli politics but as this Haaretz article from yesterday indicates, Bibi’s support is stronger than ever, so your assertion seems to be made of…what is the term? Oh, yeah – bullshit.

      What he is demanding is that the UN does its job and stop Iran from getting nukes…and these days, if “doing its job” requires anything difficult that means that the US has to do it.

      As far as Republican leadership making it worse, Democrats kissing Arafat’s ass really worked out well, didn’t it…all of those fake peace accords never stopped the Palestinians from doing anything. Israel gave up land for peace and all that did was to move their enemies closer.

      And I’ll ask. Do you know any Iranians?

      Why, yes, I do. One of my best friends is an Iranian Muslim and taught me the Koran. The copy I have was given to me by him and he paints quite a different picture that that of yours. The people may want to be Western but the theocratic government brutally represses any expression that appears Western. His cousin was picked up by the “modesty police” in the city of Bam and was given 5 lashes for being seen with a man who wasn’t her relative.

      Seems that a student protest for greater liberalization was just ruthlessly put down a couple of years ago and Obama did…oh, yeah…nothing.

      But of course, vastly complex issues spanning decades are much simpler when they boil down to jeudo/christian=good, muslim=bad.

      Those are your words, not mine. My support for Israel is based on the actions of the Arabic world toward them – Arab countries who could have provided a homeland and money for the Palestinians any time they wanted to and haven’t – and the fact that radical Islamists interpret the Koran to demand the destruction of the Jews, something that neither the Torah or the Holy Bible requires of Jews and Christians to do to Arabs or Muslims.

      So you could have just saved us all some time and said that you agreed with Obama’s policy that Israel is the problem, the Jews are the roadblock to Middle East peace and you believe that the Middle East would be peaceful if only Israel didn’t exist.

      Like I said – lots of dumbass.

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  6. Seriously though, why are we backing Israel’s every move? What do they do for us other than cause us grief? They just pull us into wars in which we have no dog in the hunt. The arabs sell most of their oil to neighbors in China and the European Union, we get our oil closer to home. If we ignored that whole region they would go back to fighting among themselves and their neighbors and we would be a lot better off. If anyone tried to pull a UN resolution on Israel we could always simply veto it, as China and Russia do to most of ours, and go on about our day.

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