***UPDATED*** Obituary of the USA

Editor’s Note: This post is based on false and misleading information. It is from am old email and is easily debunked and not the level of information that we wish to present on this blog. While sometimes these can be funny and irreverent , it is incumbent that we wage battle with facts and not falsehoods.

When intended to be humor or satire, it is required that we identify the post as such and this one was not.

It gives me no pleasure to state that I have rescinded Dusty’s posting privileges because of this second infraction of posting dubious and easily debunked information, effective immediately.

With regrets,



In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at theUniversity of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of theAthenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: ” A democracy is alwaystemporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanentform of government. A democracy will continue to exist up untilthe time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generousgifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority

always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from

the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally

collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a



“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the

beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200

years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage.”
The Obituary follows:

Born 1776, Died 2012
It doesn’t hurt to read this several times.

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in

St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning

the last Presidential election:

Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents

in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory

McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens

of the country.

Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low

income tenements and living off various forms of government


Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
“complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of

democracy, with some forty plus percent of the nation’s population

already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million

criminal invaders called illegals – and they vote – then we can say

goodbye to the US A in fewer than five years.

20 thoughts on “***UPDATED*** Obituary of the USA

  1. Dusty,

    I would submit that this nation died in the 1960’s — when we kicked God out of govt. and the public arena.

    Furthermore, I would point out that the founders told us this would happen, but that they were counting on us to avoid those last few steps by going back to the beginning — and we did so every time this nation has been threatened…until now.

  2. Pitiful, Dusty–once again you’re regurgitating inane and obviously flawed emails that have been around for years, without taking a few moments to check something and keep yourself and the RNL from looking idiotic. Fine job.

    This email wasn’t true in 2000, when it originally appeared on right-wing nutjob sites, and it’s even less true about the “updated” version in 2008. A look at any of dozens of electoral maps could should you that the claims are not only false, but moronic.

    Geez, Dusty, make an effort, would you?

    For one thing, you could go to Olson’s own website, on which he states: “DISCLAIMER: There are a series of emails floating around the internet dealing with the 2008 Obama/McCain election and the 2000 Bush/Gore election, remarks of a Scottish philosopher named Alexander Tyler, suicide rates, or ANYTHING ELSE. I did not author any part of either email. I’ve been trying to kill this fallacy for 10 years. I didn’t have any part of it in 2000, and I still have no part of the email in regards to the 2008 election. For details, see: http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/tyler.asp.”

    Or you could check http://www.factcheck.org/2009/01/unreported-stats/ and easily find out:
    ■ President-elect Barack Obama actually carried 28 states (and the District of Columbia), not 20 as claimed in the message. Sen. John McCain carried only 22 states, not 30.

    ■ The total area of states won by Obama is actually 1,483,702 square miles, significantly more than the 580,000 stated by the e-mail. McCain’s states have an area of 2,310,315 square miles, not the 2,427,000 claimed.

    ■ The population of counties carried by Obama is just under 183 million, not the 127 million claimed. McCain carried counties with a total population of just under 119 million, far fewer than claimed in this message.

    ■ The murder rate for counties carried by Obama was 6.56 per 100,000 inhabitants, less than half the rate claimed in the message. The rate for counties carried by McCain was 3.60 per 100,000, much higher than claimed in the message.

    And if you don’t believe the factcheckers, you could take the time to just count blue states on any post-election map. But I guess it would be asking a bit much to expect you to count higher than what you can do with your fingers and toes.

    Even Rush Limbaugh, who got suckered on this because he also apparently can’t count, was forced to then admit that he’d made a mistake.

  3. Ah- this email that has been circulating since 2000?

    Let’s see. “Alexander “Fraser” Tyler” was actually the good Lord Woodhouselee. Indeed a scottish historian/professor who wrote a number of (mostly unremakable) books. But there is no record in history of ANY book he penned by this name. Nor is there ANY record of him having ever penned such words.

    Likewise Proffesor John Olson has denied that any of the claims or statistics had come from him.

    I could go on…but sadly, this is just more of the same from you. Reguritating “facts” that fit your beliefs without even the most basic of factchecking.

  4. And as far as your certainty that nobody will admit fault, I’ll be happy to do so. This post is based on false and misleading information .I have rescinded Dusty’s posting privileges because if it, effective immediately.

    Well, fact checkers, the guy’s name was actually Alexander Fraser Tytler (not Tyler) and and taught about a 15 minute walk from where I live in Edinburgh. I have actually held in my hands the same books that he used in his teaching and I wrote about him a year ago here and in this context:

    People, when faced with an ineffective governance, will turn to alternatives no matter the current system. The Russians turned to democracy (except they got an oligarchy due to the old Soviet party structure) and the Germans of the late 1930’s turned to the National Socialists of Adolph Hitler. Democracies seem to give way to alternatives that are not always the best for the people in the long run. Often in times of political and social stress, societies, desperate to the point of panic after being stoked by the alarmist and accusatory rhetoric of a political class bent on achieving or retaining power, will turn to the source of the most promises. Again, the words of the 18th century history professor at the University of Edinburgh, Alexander Fraser Tytler do ring true:

    A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

    The sad truth is that people, in choosing a path forward, continue to base that choice on promises from people seeking to govern, the very same pattern that got them in quicksand to begin with. They seek any relief from the stresses placed on them, and since societies do not have a strong sense of irony, seek them from the very people and institutions that caused the stress in the first place. They too soon forget that promises easily given are worthless and the attempts to fulfill those promises often lead to Marxist or totalitarian governments.

      • Perhaps…but I had to make a call. Dusty can still comment should he wish and I like the guy a lot, but I don’t want any more of the “too good to check” email posts on the site and I don’t want it to turn into another News Herald comment fiasco. That isn’t what I wanted this to be about.

      • Kells, of course this isn’t just Dusty’s “second infraction of posting dubious and easily debunked information.” Though I know nothing of the “News Herald comment fiasco,” Utah probably had to do what he did for the sake of the RNL’s reputation.

        A few recent examples:
        Sept. 13: https://therionorteline.com/2012/09/13/only-3-times/
        Sept. 12: https://therionorteline.com/2012/09/12/see-if-this-sounds-familiar/
        August 27: https://therionorteline.com/2012/08/27/muslim/
        Aug. 20: https://therionorteline.com/2012/08/20/yes-he-told-us-in-advance-what-he-planned-to-do/

        • Anybody with an ounce of common decency wound have just let it go, but you just couldn’t do it could you? There was really no need to add insult to injury – and yes I did it for our reputation. As much as I try to stay hands-off on posting, this was a step beyond were I wanted to go, so I really didn’t have a choice.

          Dusty is a good man and I am sorry to do what I did.

          There once was a thriving comment community on the Panama City News Herald website and it was destroyed by name calling and a general breakdown of civility started by stuff like this post.

          We can and are going to disagree but we don’t need to fight over fringe stuff like this.

          But don’t get too comfortable in your sanctimony because there are plenty of examples of left wing crap as well:

          • “There was really no need to add insult to injury”

            Perhaps. And if that were my primary intent, I’d have posted a separate comment at the end of the thread, not just a response to Kells.

            “Dusty is a good man”

            He’s bound to be, at least in part–apparently we share a birthday.

            “there are plenty of examples of left wing crap as well”

            Amen, brother. And I trust that when that crap appears, you point out that it’s crap.

          • Hardly, Augger. As I’ve said before, I like it when the RNL looks dumb. Fortunately I can still count on you for that. 😉

  5. I agree with these sentiments, heck, it is plainly and painfully true. Cambodia was a cauldron of governmental malfeasance before the commies took over. Afghanistan’s rulers after the russians left were so bad, the Taliban looked good to the people! One can pick among many examples that make these points.
    We aren’t anywhere close to such a tipping point, but it can be argued that the country is drifting in that direction, more through inaction than any deliberate strategy.

    And I am envious of you, holding history in your hands like that.

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