Perhaps We Should Riot, Maybe Burn A Few Buildings…

…because it seems to work for Muslims.

Wisconsin atheist group pressures Pueblo, Colorado to stop public prayer.

After one Colorado city council canceled opening prayers at public meetings under pressure from a Wisconsin-based atheist group, at least one other community is being urged to draw a line in the sand.

The Pueblo City Council dropped opening prayers after the city received a letter from the Freedom of Religion Foundation in Madison, Wis., arguing it is unconstitutional to coerce people at a government meeting to participate in what is typically a Christian prayer. That prompted a bitter outcry in Colorado Springs, 45 miles to the north. In a forceful editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette, columnist Wayne Laugesen urged that community to stand up to the atheist group and blasted Pueblo for caving in.

“As its name implies, this confused organization believes we have government-protected freedom from religion in addition to our freedom to pick and choose religious beliefs or to ignore and avoid them all,” conservative columnist Wayne Laugesen wrote in an editorial posted Thursday on the Colorado Springs Gazette website.

Sort of surprising – I lived in the Springs and worked in Pueblo – Pueblo has heavily liberal and a Democrat stronghold but is also heavily Catholic. Not surprising for the Springs, it is home to several military bases and is strongly conservative.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps We Should Riot, Maybe Burn A Few Buildings…

  1. There’s this really old book that says, in the end, the only two religions that will really be dangerous to practice and which will be universally persecuted will be the Judea/Christian faiths. Strange prediction for someone to have made — what — 3,500 years ago now? Or that the world religion that would take over would force conversion/submission or would behead you. That prediction was made about 1920 years ago. 😉

  2. No silly boy; no need to riot or burn buildings: We hire a crapload of 13-year-olds; they’re very handy at driving a perfectly sane adult to the brink of losing what they once thought was their sanity.

  3. Here is their brag page about their legal challenge victories.

    Legal Challenges

    Anyone else notice there is no lawsuits touted by these folks against Muslim institutions? Easy to be a bully when your victim will not fight back, huh?

    Yeah … let’s hear from the RNL Atheists on this, please.

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