James Carville: Romney beat Obama up, gave him a haircut, strapped Bo to the roof of his car and took his lunch money.

Via Mediaite:

“I had one overwhelming impression,” he said. “I did everything I could not to reach it, but it looked like Romney wanted to be there and President Obama didn’t want to be there.”

I’m watching the debate replay on SkyNews and I disagree with James.

It took me watching it the second time to get it.

It isn’t that Obama doesn’t want to be there, it is that he believes that he shouldn’t have to be there.

I think this is the representation of the incredible narcissism, hubris and arrogance of a man who thinks, “After I was crowned in 2008 to mass adulation, why do I have to debate a dirty bourgeois capitalist? Everybody knows that I am the way, the truth and the light.”

I think that the reports of his caviler approach to debate prep and the effete and bored manner which he affected during this debate was on purpose to: 1) send the message to Romney that he wasn’t a serious challenge, 2) that Obama is the smartest president evah, so who needs prep?, 3) Obama expected more help from Lehrer (as he got in the ’08 debates from the “moderators”) and 4) he expected more cover from the media than he received.

Big mistake.

Romney beat him up, gave him a haircut, strapped Bo to the roof of his car and took his lunch money.

Can’t wait for Ryan vs Slow Joe – if they don’t cancel it.

Three words:

  • Romney.
  • Ryan.
  • Landslide.

15 thoughts on “James Carville: Romney beat Obama up, gave him a haircut, strapped Bo to the roof of his car and took his lunch money.

  1. “Romney beat him up, gave him a haircut, strapped Bo to the roof of his car and took his lunch money.”

    True, just as John Kerry did with W. I still find don’t expect Obama to lose–after all, he didn’t debate all that well against Hillary or McCain (though McCain was far worse than Romney), but he won because he was better on the stump, had a better ground game, and people associated McCain with Bush. Obama has those first two same advantages over Mitt. But at least this last month may be more interesting than I expected.

    • Well, other than painting Hillary as a racist (seems like a recurring theme from Obama), has the man ever been truly vetted?


      What you saw last night was a culmination of a man who’s never had to answer any questions tougher than favorite color, or his secret White House brew recipe.

    • Romney had a good debate. He was prepared, didn’t stumble over his words, and for the first time looked comfortable. He took advantage of the place many people feels he has the advantage: the topics for the night. Obama looked shook, but also clearly did his best not to blame previous administrations, only mentioning what he inherited once (that I know of). Romney didn’t look like a robot this time, he looked as if someone gave him a Xanax to relax. He did a good job. Obama not so much.

      They both stuck to issues, played fairly, and I like the part about no applause or boos. I personally can’t watch these debates for very long, so that’s good for me. It would only prolong them. Both sides continue to throw out unverifiable numbers concerning each other’s policies so that’s what makes these debates useless in a lot of ways, but I guess it’s good for TV ratings. Notice it’s on Wednesday night so not to interfere with Thursday night football.

      If a person likes Romney, these debates won’t change their mind. Same for Obama. But at least it gives the media something to analyze over the next week or so. Me? I’m still voting for Gary Johnson.

  2. Kudos on the title. 😆

    It’s interesting now that you bring up your four points. I wish I could watch the debate again. It appeared to me as if he were grinding his teeth, but it could very well be because of the points you mention. I just figured that it was Mitt’s ideology that was pissing him off.

  3. You know. This just makes you think someone has stood Obama up and has had their hand in his back for 6 years. Standing on his own is not something he can do well. He needed Valarie Jarrett whispering in his ear. He does not know anything he has not been told by his ‘circle’. He is so insulated and isolated that he can not see himself any longer.

    • Respectfully, O knows exactly who he is. He has been hiding himself from the American people since he ran for US Senate.

      When O isn’t surrounded and protected, he knows he can’t be forthright, and then what can he do? Repeat the same old lies and attempt to intimidate the opposition into silence.

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