What They Are Saying Across The Pond: US Presidential Debate, Round 1

The Times of London:

Combative Romney the winner against subdued Obama

Daily Mail:

Mitt seizes his moment: Dominant Romney hammers lackluster Obama to claim undisputed victory in first presidential face off

The Telegraph:

US Election: five moments from the first presidential debate

This was not a debate that produced any timeless lines that people will be talking about decades from now. Instead there were a series of subtle moments where Mitt Romney took control.

The Guardian:

Combative Romney comes out on top as Obama stumbles in first debate

The Independent:

The Independent is the MSNBC/New York TImes of the UK and has no posted debate news as of 6 a.m. London time. Kind of tells you what they think or they maybe just need more time to talk with Chris Matthews and to come up with some story about how Obama won.

10 a.m. Update: Mitt Romney takes fight to Barack Obama in first debate

Mitt Romney trounced President Obama in the television debate and has halted his momentum

The Sun:

Similarily, after having plenty to say about Romney’s Olympic “gaffe” essentially repeating everything that they were saying about the Games, they also have nothing as of 6 a.m.

Le Monde (Paris):

Romney domine Obama lors du premier débat de la présidentielle (Romney dominates Obama during the first debate of the presidential)

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