While the Rest of You Have Been Distracted…

I noticed that confirmation of what we were told the Libyan Ambassador murder was all about has started to quietly hit the papers:

Sensitive U.S. files were abandoned in Libya Consulate

6:55PM EST October 3. 2012 – Sensitive documents were left behind in the remains of the U.S. Consulate in Libya and some may have been stolen in the chaotic aftermath, The Washington Post reports from Benghazi.

Documents a Post reporter found scattered on the floor today included weapons collection, personnel records of Libyan security contractors, emergency evacuation procedures and the travel schedule of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who died with three others when the Consulate was attacked and burned Sept. 11. None were marked classified, but State Department officials who were shown copies of the documents asked that they not be published.

Those two “SEALS” were we told about? Yeah, not really SEALS. They were working for the CIA and they were trying to get Obama’s weapons back from Al Qaeda. How do we know this? Because the same guy who cried for help on the gaming site told a liberal media news paper that this is what he was doing just a month earlier.

And the Ambassador? Yeah, he was the guy who brokered the deal where Obama gave weapons to Al Qaeda to help them get rid of Khadaffyi. He was in Benghazi trying to get those weapons back. This is also why he was separated from his security team: he was trying to do whatever he was doing with as much of a low profile as possible.

And that “consulate?” Yeah, not really a consulate. It was a safe house, and a safe house that had been attacked several times in the past.

Giving military aid and comfort to a known enemy that we are actively at war with has a very special Constitutional name, boys and girls. This story is much bigger than Watergate EVER was or could have been, and were the media still doing the job it is supposed to do, Obama wouldn’t be worrying about how to get re-elected, he wouldn’t even be worrying about how to keep from being impeached or staying out of jail. He’d be worrying about the punishment for high treason in a time of war.

But then, how ’bout that Romney zinger, right?

38 thoughts on “While the Rest of You Have Been Distracted…

  1. Keep in mind that Joe didn’t even watch the debate, kells, but then devoted a full post to something that didn’t occur in the debate, using that fictional scenario to call someone else a coward in his headline. But I see that the post has now vanished–he didn’t want Utah to have to “dust” him off, I guess.

      • It didn’t last long. Shortly after it went up, I pointed out that Joe didn’t know what he was talking about. He admitted that he “might” have been wrong because he “hadn’t watched the debate,” and tried weakly to insult me. Then he apparently remembered how little Utah appreciates obvious dishonesty and carelessness that helps discredit the RNL, and the post disappeared. Too bad.

          • Putting it up in the first place–misstating (or lying about) an obvious fact as if he had a clue what had gone on in a debate that he hadn’t even watched–is far from noble. And taking it down simply removed the evidence of his wrongdoing. How is that “noble”?

          • Thanks, Kells.

            Thanks for your kind words.

            I STILL say Obama was being a coward. He didn’t treat Mitt in person the same way he was doing yesterday — when he knew he was safely back behind the skirts of the media. But, IF James is correct and Obama DIRECTLY charged Mitt with claiming he wanted $5 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy in the debate, and Mitt had an opportunity to respond, then I wouldn’t have written the original post — IF this is actually true and I had known it.

            The problems I have with James is he admitted that this might not be exactly what happened — which would make my original post accurate. James said Obama did this, “BUT NOT IN SO MANY WORDS.” I have found that this sort of phrase is usually “liberal/progressive” for a lie. Still, James is still trying to make non-existent points for me giving him the benefit of the doubt.

            Personally, I don’t care anymore. You friend has repeatedly proven he is intellectually dishonest and, on most matters, quite ignorant (for a supposed professor). And now, now I am actually grateful to him for his continued attacks as he is demonstrating to the RNL readers exactly who and where the true “haters” are and live — on the Left!


            • “The problems I have with James is he admitted that this might not be exactly what happened — which would make my original post accurate. James said Obama did this,’BUT NOT IN SO MANY WORDS.’”

              Now I see why you deleted the post and comments–so you could not only hide your own words, but could change mine. Ironic, considering that so much of the post was about supposed “cowardice.”

              I “admitted” nothing of the kind. You said Obama had made a $5 trillion claim on the stump that he didn’t have the courage to say in the debate. I not only disagreed, but gave you a link to a clip proving that Obama had said it (and not “in so many words,” whatever the hell that means). You admitted that you hadn’t seen the debate and then–presumably embarrassed–killed the post.

              And now you gutlessly invent new words for me. You’re quite a “man,” Joe. I wonder if Kells thinks that’s noble, too. I just think it’s pitiful.

            • Funny, James always wants to get “personal”.
              James is always the one starting the personal attacks with insinuations, like his “wannabe cowboy” comment to me yesterday.

              James, maybe you should re-evaluate your positions and your outlook on America.

              “We” could care less about your personal issues, and still hope for a “level playing field” where petty, personal attacks can be freely made, so long as the repercussions for same can be freely felt….

              • “James is always the one starting the personal attacks with insinuations, like his “wannabe cowboy” comment to me yesterday.”

                Yeah, sure. And what had you said immediately before that?

                “James, maybe you should re-evaluate your positions and your outlook on America.”

                And perhaps you should.

    • James,

      When you pointed out that I missed something, I deleted the post. Now, if you’d like, I will start deleting your comments that have been shown to have been made from ignorance, but that won’t leave much of your stuff for people to read on the RNL…

      • Censorship James?
        You suppose WRONG again.
        Those of us who write the posts, and the system administrators, have the ability to censor. Always have.

          • “slap your hands”
            Sad outlook to presume or have upon the world.
            You completely misunderstand the dynamics, trust, and “understanding”.

            • And you completely misunderstood the point, Texas. Joe or you might like to censor me, and you technically have the ability to do so. But you are ultimately not in control, because if you do something Utah doesn’t like, you can have those editing and posting privileges stripped–as we’ve seen in just the past week.

          • Actually, James, if I know Utah, and I told him I felt there was just cause for me to censor one of your comments, I doubt he’d say anything — because he trusts that there would have been just cause.

            Personally, as irrational and distasteful as I find you, I would find it even more revolting to censor you unless you actually broke the RNL rules.

            Besides, Augger’s correct: you provide too much of a perverse sort of entertainment.

      • Bah Joe … let James keep posting, and posting, and posting.

        I get all kinds of great material to share amongst the cyber universe from him. Tons, and tons of laughs. 🙂

        • Cool, Augger. Unfortunately I never get anything worth sharing from you–seems like an uneven relationship we have going here. 🙂

          • “Cool, Augger. Unfortunately I never get anything worth sharing from you–seems like an uneven relationship we have going here”

            You’ll have to forgive me for being fatigued with this whole election process, and not writing such clear, concise, and honestly intellectual geniuses of posts such as yours. You’ll have to survive on my pokes, jabs, and stabs at liberalism until I feel the mustard to write something at the high, high, high level of yours. 🙂

    • @HD,

      “Joe” has been working exhausting 12-13 hour days and is doing good just to keep up with SOME of the RNL. Sorry, buddy, but until my boss either gets smart or I finally quit, I simply do not have the time I used to have 😦


  2. Maybe Obama really was tired ….

    Obama Raises $150M in September, Tries to Block ‘Blockbuster’ Donor Scandal

    But one has to wonder …. where does all his money come from?

    Does 1979 newspaper column shed light on 2008 campaign story?

    Stay tuned folks. Stay tuned. 🙂

  3. Question?
    -do those who continue to “protect” O realize what they are protecting ? or,
    -are they so blinded by misinformation, they can no longer SEE what is happening ?

    (I guess if you get all of your news from Pat Caddell’s MSM …)

    Either way, the outcome is the same.

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