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  1. I guess I’m being too much a simpleton, but I thought we could chalk the whole thing up to “The REAL Obama met the REAL Romney without aid of teleprompter, speech writer or media sycophants to run cover for him.”


  2. I didn’t understand all the advance predictions that Obama would win easily–I’ve never seen any evidence that he’s a great debater. He got beat by Hillary in theirs, and McCain beat himself more than Obama beat him. I was more surprised that Romney did so well (other than the Big Bird comment) than that Obama didn’t.

    By way, Utah, you ran a piece a while back about two Colorado profs who predicted a Romney win. They’ve updated their numbers, and are still calling it for Mitt. I still think they’re wrong, but thought you might want to see the update: http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/romney-mountain-high-in-colorado/

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