New MSNBC Logo: Mostly Socialist Network [for] Black Communists

MSNBC becomes more racist every day, so in recognition of that, they have changed their logo to more accurately reflect their new direction:

Lean Racist. Mostly Socialist Network for Black Communists.

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters chronicles this descent into madness, led by one of their new “stars”, the confirmed racist, Toure:

TOURE: They live in an alternate reality which is why we get these sort of conspiracy theories. They don’t want to blame their ideology which is hostile to blacks, gays, women, Hispanics. They already have a shrinking tent. It’s an all-white Party. If you just have a bunch of white people, you’re gonna come up with alternate realities that don’t make any sense.

Now imagine for a moment a white commentator saying, “If you just have a bunch of black people, you’re gonna come up with alternate realities that don’t make any sense.”

Think such a person working in the media would have a job the next day?

No, I don’t either.

But for some reason, this man is not only allowed to say things like this, he was recently promoted to co-host a new program on MSNBC.

Says a lot about this farce of a network, doesn’t it?

Yes, Noel, it does.

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2 thoughts on “New MSNBC Logo: Mostly Socialist Network [for] Black Communists

  1. I sure wish I could have caught this article when it was first released. This must have been written by the bottom of the (cough’s out loud) trailer park trash. You can’t come close to trying to compare a what if a white person blah blah blah had said or done story to that of a black’s. Here’s 1 for you, what if Travon Martin was white & Zimmerman were black. What if Casey Anthony was a black woman, what if Central Park 5 were 5 white ivory league students, what if Donald Trump was black, with 14 sexual allegations & 1 rape allegation was brought out to the public? The REAL PREJUDICE news station FOX News would still be promoting it to this date. Not to mention all the under the table sexual misconduct disputes that’s been settled as well. Blackball Kap for taking a knee during the Anthem, but praise Tim Tebo when he did it for not standing for it. An Anthem that doesn’t speak for the minority race anyway. But we then get portrayed as un patriotic, while your president dodge the draft, conspire with foreign government to win an election, takes the side of dictator’s over our own intelligence unless he needs to bomb a country to distract you from the REAL PROBLEM, HIM. & those of you that support him & that dumb ass administration. Bottom line, most of you are still butt hurt over Obama’s 2 terms. That’s why you try your best to try keeping it a black & white issue

    • What if Obama was white? I opposed his policies when they were part of the Carter and Clinton administrations. Why do you suppose the media and Democrats worked so hard to describe a man of Latino heritage as a “white” Hispanic? Answer that before you moronically charge that it is the right who wants to make everything about race.

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