So Just How DO You Say “Solyndra” In Mandarin?

Cuz they got a bigger “green jobs” problem than Obama:

China in recent years established global dominance in renewable energy, its solar panel and wind turbine factories forcing many foreign rivals out of business and its policy makers hailed by environmentalists around the world as visionaries.

But now China’s strategy is in disarray. Though worldwide demand for solar panels and wind turbines has grown rapidly over the last five years, China’s manufacturing capacity has soared even faster, creating enormous oversupply and a ferocious price war.

The result is a looming financial disaster, not only for manufacturers but for state-owned banks that financed factories with approximately $18 billion in low-rate loans and for municipal and provincial governments that provided loan guarantees and sold manufacturers valuable land at deeply discounted prices.

Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman hardest hit.

2 thoughts on “So Just How DO You Say “Solyndra” In Mandarin?

  1. Planned economies are so “well-planned”….

    At best the Statist’s plans are wasteful and inefficient.

    The Statist’s actions most often exemplify ineptitude and failure.

    The Statists will continue to TAKE from producers to give to their “friends & supporters” until they are stopped.

    This taking will consist not only of higher taxes and fewer jobs and poorer people, but will include higher costs for electricity, gas, food, etc.

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