While Everyone Else is Talking Politics…

This is sort of a reoccurring theme for me, and one for which I am constantly attacked by those on the RNL who tend to hold views more to the Left of the American political spectrum, but I just can’t get past the parallels. Here, just read these two headlines and the links I post after them, then decide for yourself whether I have no cause for concern:

EPA Celebrates ‘Children Health Month,’ Encourages Recruiting Students for ‘Energy Patrols’ at School

(CNSNews.com)The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is celebrating Children’s Health Month this October by providing information and health tips on its website, including the importance of energy efficiency in schools.

One of the items in the box reads, “Educate students and staff about how their behaviors affect energy use. Some schools have created student energy patrols to monitor and inform others when energy is wasted.”

State Brainwashing Children To “Re-Educate” Their Parents For Green Dictatorship

A massive program with its tentacles embedded into almost every corner of education and popular culture is underway to use the “green” agenda to brainwash children and turn them against their own parents, as the state moves towards the creation of a Stasi-style informant society using methods that have been repeated in every totalitarian state throughout history.

Hitler’s Children  (btw: this one is produced by Southern Illinois University, for those who so often like to reject my “biased” or “ignorant” sources)

“I am beginning with the young, we older ones are used up, we are rotten to the marrow. We have no unrestrained instincts left. We are cowardly and sentimental. We are bearing the burden of a humiliating past, and have in our blood the dull recollection of serfdom and servility. But my magnificent youngsters! Are there finer ones anywhere in the world? Look at these young men and boys! What material! With them I can make a new world.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (21).

A Child of Nazi Germany  (real story)

For most of us World War II was something of the past which we have read about in history books. Then there are people like Joseph who lived through this time period. Unlike most of the people we hear about; Joseph is a German who lived and experienced life under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Joseph was born in Berlin in 1930 and for fifteen years he would live under the laws and beliefs of Nazism. Joseph’s story shows us how an innocent infant can be molded by its society. It also shows us how easily the mind of a child can be manipulated. Joseph and others like him are the product of first generation children of the Nazi system.

I could make a stronger argument connecting 1930’s Germany to modern America, but I’m feeling much the same way as Utah is. I’m tired of trying to convince people there is real cause for concern in this nation, and that history is repeating itself. Either you see it or you don’t, and if you don’t, that should give you greater cause for concern…for your soul.

3 thoughts on “While Everyone Else is Talking Politics…

  1. Ah yes, the green agenda. Odd that we condemn schools and government institutions for all sorts of “waste”. But I guess wasting energy is not one of them. And in case you have noticed, energy conservation has become a major push of not only governments, but of utilities themselves. Because it is cheaper to conserve energy then to build new power plants and run new lines to meet the growing demand.

    And OMG Hitler. Shall we talk about decades of schools indoctrinating kids to turn in their parents for smoking a joint rather then drinking a six-pack? Shall we talk of the schools teaching that the loch ness monster is real, and proves evolution wrong? Or the Texas GOP platform decrying the teaching of critical thinking because it undermines “beliefs”? Schools teaching that homosexuality is a “choice” with no genetic component? States removing civil rights from the textbooks. Or mandating that science, yes science classes teach creationism?

    • Drugs,

      Your other red herrings and false analogies aside, that you think evolution is scientifically based and that creationism isn’t and cannot be shows your lack of understanding of science. This makes it nearly impossible to have a rational discussion with you as you are one of the victims of the point I am making in my post.

  2. Thankfully, I have my son indoctrinated……by me. (My oldest son had to learn the hard way……I did as well.I suppose it’s always interesting to take a walk on the dark side…..)

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