Inanity And Embarrassment At The National Level

Does it strike anyone else that in the last few days since the debate we have seen the most puerile, juvenile and unprofessional conduct out Obama and his cadre of butt-hurt supporters?

The silliness and idiocy of the defenses ranging from “Hankiegate” (Romney supposedly brought notes to the debate podium when it was just a handkerchief) to “he lost because he is black” to “he doesn’t really want to be president”, are all examples of immature minds reacting to a resounding defeat with predictably childish reasoning.

The latest brainstorm is that Romney is a liar.

Newsflash, Champ. Ain’t nobody outside your circle of ass-kissing “yes” men buying it.

The Obama administration is reacting to this in the same manner as the loser of a junior high class election. They lost, so now they want to throw some sort of a metrosexual, beta male hissy-fit until someone pats them on the head and tells them that everything is going to be OK.

For God’s sake, stand up an take it like a man – Mary Matalin has shown a bigger set of balls than you weaklings. You are embarrassing yourself and your bitching and whining is embarrassing to the nation. Your display of weakness is being watched the world over, especially in the Middle East. Do you really think that any leader of another power is going to take you seriously after this display?

Get over it. Show some stones and maybe you can at least enjoy your self-respect during your swiftly approaching retirement.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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