The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt’s President is from) calls for Jihad upon Jerusalem & Israel

The supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi emanated, called on Thursday for a jihad (holy war) to liberate Jerusalem from Israeli rule.

“Jerusalem is Islamic … and nobody is entitled to make concessions” on the Holy City, said Sheikh Mohammed Badie in his weekly message to supporters.

“The jihad for the recovery of Jerusalem is a duty for all Muslims,” he said, stressing that the liberation of the Holy City “will not be done through negotiations or at the United Nations.”

Israel, which signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, has watched with concern as Islamists were catapulted to the forefront of politics following a popular uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak last year.

Morsi has repeatedly said he would respect international treaties signed by Cairo. But his former movement has also said there is room to revise the accords, without objecting to them in principle.

Reports from France 24 today.


Looks like Black3Actual’s post on Islam’s principle of Abrogation and duty of Jihad is accurate.

But wait, Reuter’s is reporting, there’s more just today:

Masked gunmen shot dead a Yemeni man who worked in the security office of the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa on Thursday, in an attack a Yemeni security source said appeared to be the work of al Qaeda.

“Once he (Aqlan) stepped out of his house the men shouted his name and when he replied, they shot him in the head and neck,” he said.

Aqlan, who was in his 50s and had worked at the embassy for more than a decade, was responsible for coordinating security information between the U.S. Embassy and the Yemeni authorities, the source added.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that his main duties included conducting personnel checks as head of the “foreign service national investigative unit” and serving as a liaison with Yemeni security services.

He worked within the office of the embassy’s “regional security officer,” who is responsible protecting the embassy, its personnel and information.

Islamic TERRORISTS are calling for and performing JIHAD all over the world.

39 thoughts on “The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt’s President is from) calls for Jihad upon Jerusalem & Israel

  1. Here’s a little factoid for you, Texas:

    As I understand it from those who actually read Arabic and have studied Islam, neither the word Jerusalem nor the Arabic al-Qudz appear anywhere in the Qur’an. I am told that the Muslim claim to Jerusalem is actually of a much more modern origin. But then, the Mosq on the Dome (the ORIGINAL Mosq, not the gold-topped one) was built by one of the earliest Caliphs, so I suspect the truth actually lies somewhere in between.

    Still, the more I learn about the history of Islam, the more I understand all of human history. 🙂

      • NO! But you are trying to use it as a political bludgeon HERE.

        I will keep telling you this because it is true and the truth is all I have. The Qur’an commands war against non-believers until there is ONLY Islam — period. That is the plain meaning of the text in the Qur’an as Muhammad gave it. Those who claim they kill in the name of Allah are not “misinterpreting” Islam: they can point to many places in the Qur’an that clearly command Muslims to do exactly this.

        I answered your questions/accusations, now you answer mine. Why are you so afraid to read the Qur’an for yourself? Why do you accept what Muslims tell you instead? Do you accept what I tell you about Christianity, or do you place more trust in the Bible? There is no difference. So why do you refuse to read the Qur’an for yourself? What are you afraid of learning?

        • First of all, I’m not afraid of anything….except spiders………and heights….and raisins. And FYI, I have read a bit from the Quran as I happen to chat with a Muslim boy on another site. He has an entirely different view than you on his religion!

          Okay. Let’s play pretend, shall we? I’m a crazy infidel who wants to convert you or kill you. Now tell me: What do I gain? Is this not then a political ploy?

          • What do you gain? If you are looking at religion in politcal terms (which is very Atheistic of you, btw), then I guess you get whatever you want to find out of that.

            HOWEVER, IF you look at this spiritually, and you are a PIOUS Muslim, you are following the commands of Allah and — hopefully — you gain a better chance of getting into paradise (not to mention you get to keep 4/5 of whatever you take in the process). Now, if you die in the process, then you are guaranteed paradise, and at a higher level than if you got in just because you were “good.”

            As for your friend with the different take: he is NOT following the Qur’an and Hadith, which makes him a hypocrite. This is in the Qur’an. Nothing in the Qur’an tells him he is even allowed to practice Islam the way he is practicing it. To get where he is, he has to reject the latter 3/4 of Muhammad’s revelations.

          • OMG !

            Kells, there are 2 reasons you cannot trust what the Muslim boy tells you.
            1) You are an infidel.
            2) You are a blonde female infidel which male Islamists get to “take” during jihad.

            • The Muslim boy is sincere, and has given me quite a few links. I have posted some here. You must understand that some rational Muslim scholars interpret their religion in a completely different way than they do in the Middle East. This, I believe, is where B. and I disagree. I say, Texas, because you are Jewish, I should like to know what you think or how you interpret this verse from the Bible: Yonanan 14:6

              • Disagree? No, this is where you tell Muhammad to go take a leap.

                Kells, I have been painfully clear about this — as clear as the Qur’an is on this issue. ANYONE who “interprets” the Qur’an to mean ANYTHING but what Muhammad said it means, or who tries to make it into a life that contradicts Muhammad’s life/example IS NOT FOLLOWING ISLAM! Muhammad and the Qur’an say these people — the ones “interpreting” the Qur’an — are hypocrites. They are NOT “true believers.” That is according to Muhammad.

                Now, when you tell me I am wrong, you are telling Muhammad he is wrong about his religion. Are you now going to tell Jesus He is wrong about what is in His Gospel? Wait — don’t bother. You already have — several times.

                Sort of explains a lot…when you think about it.


                • WTF? I’ve never said JC was wrong! I love how you magically put words in my mouth!

                  B. I shall agree to disagree with you on Muslims and radical Muslims. I still maintain that there is a difference between the two.

                  As to my own faith, you know nothing on me, so it would be wise for you not to question it!

                  • LOL, ah, but you HAVE said you disagree with Christ’s commands — many times. Have you forgotten our little spats about homosexuality and other commandments that our modern world now considers to be “politically incorrect?” I haven’t forgotten. I remember well how you chastised and insulted me because I was trying to conform my actions to Christs commands while you rejected His commands in favor of your own judgment.

                    Kells, that is the essence of original sin.

                  • Not homosexuALS, Kells, homosexuALITY. And that you STILL confuse the two — either through ignorance or deliberate obfuscation, is the best illustration of my point for which I could possibly ask. Thank you.

                  • But I DID answer the question. Are you aware of the command against homosexuality in the Torah (books of Moses?) If so, then you have your answer.

                    If you do not understand that I JUST gave you a DIRECT answer, you will illustrate a SECOND example of you denying the Word of Christ.

                    [btw: I AM deliberately testing your knowledge and understanding of Biblical scripture here and, so far, you are not doing too well, kells]

            • Is that from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, tex?

              It kills me how someone from a background of experiencing prejudice and hate can make the same stupid mistakes, and keep the cycle going.

        • Kells, B is trying to prove that Jesus is against homosexuality because of a quote from Moses. But the other day, he said that the new testament overrides the Old. I guess that is only when it collides with his prejudices

          • The argument is on sodomy; it makes its case in the OT. I should like to hear B.’s reply.

            Sodomy is quite commonly done between a man and woman. So, is it a sin if you are gay, and aok if you are straight?

            • @Kells,

              You need to keep reading your scripture. The OT specifically addresses homosexuality. I’m actually pretty sure the NT does as well, only I believe it is found in the Apostles letters.

                • LOL, you have really learned your liberal lessons well. Kells, stop the straw man crap. You should know it doesn’t get past or work on me by now 🙂

                  I did not say Christ condemned the person, but He bloody well DID condemn the activity/lifestyle and THAT is what I have been telling you this entire time — all 3+ years of it.

                  Now, about the interpretation thing. I guess you are correct. You can “interpret” that you will go to heaven no matter what is in the Bible simply because you have whatever hair color you have today. The catch is, that won’t help you any if the Bible clearly condemns something and you chose to “interpret” it away so you could ignore it.

                  I mean, surely God didn’t tell Eve she couldn’t eat from THAT tree. That must have been an “interpretation…”

                  Good luck with that road your on. Seem pretty broad to me. I’ll try to stick to the narrow path, myself.

          • @Greg,

            Your ignorance of Bible scripture is as profound as your ignorance of the Qur’an, but then, we shouldn’t expect any better from an Atheist.

            Anyway, Moses was handing down The Law. That means it was NOT Moses’ thoughts, it was God’s. (I bet you didn’t know that Muhammad actually affirms the Torah in the Qur’an and says those who do not accept and agree with it reject Allah).

            Anyway, since Moses was merely handing down “The Law,” that means Moses was handing down the Words of Christ. Don’t believe me? Look up Who claims to be “the Law” in the NT.

            Also, we ARE under a new covenant, but that does NOT mean the old commandments are nullified, only the way you obtain salvation. This is what Christ was saying when He declared that not one letter of the Law will pass away.

            • So we can still have concubines and slaves, since the Old Testament is still in effect?
              What about Thou Shalt not Kill? That seems pretty plain, yet many have killed in Jesus’ name, what gives?

              • What gives is that you are a disingenuous and intellectually dishonest actor who is seeking nothing more than to insult and cause trouble, You have demonstrated you have no concern to learn, nor for the truth. That’s “what gives.”

                The OT never condoned concubines or slaves, it actually accepts the practices as something that “stiff-necked” people are going to do anyway and seeks to teach them how to at least deal fairly with people in disadvantaged positions and to live as morally as possible within that society. Besides, you obviously do not understand the differences between slavery in ancient Israel and that of Revolutionary America, which I presume you are thinking of when you make your comments. They were very different.

                Next, I have told you this many times, but the Torah does NOT say “thou shalt not kill,” it says “THOU SHALT NOT DO MURDER.” VERY different commands.

                Finally, there is another difference you stubbornly refuse to accept. When you kill in the name of Christ, YOU SIN! When you kill in the name of furthering Islam, YOU DO THE BEST THING A MUSLIM CAN DO!

                Both books are very clear on this difference, so, again, you are demonstrating you seek to do nothing but insult those who may be trying to actually educate themselves with your willful ignorance.

                • You are the deficient one, B. I was talking about the ten commandments, and you, as usual cannot address any challenge directly, so you abandon your own point in your flailing attempts to hurt me.

            • We all can use a little support every now and then.

              Debating religion causes you to lose friends. As long as you’re not friends, you’re good.

              • Yes, yes. Mother always gets miffed at me for bringing up sex, politics and religion at the dinner table…….and cursing (I seem to let my foul mouth fly at times.)

                I tell you, I scrolled back up and noticed that B. never answered my original question. I’m sure that means he’s probably pulled one of those silly thingys that he is fond of quoting. Um, ad hominem or tu quoque? I went through that list he posted, but I can’t remember any of them. I actually can’t remember what those two that I remembered mean. :: giggling::

                Truly, I shouldn’t debate at all as I seem to have the CRS syndrome.

                • Truthfully, when I see the topic, and if it’s a familiar one, I just scan the comments because I pretty much know how most of the people that comment here will respond. I’m sure most know how I’ll respond on certain topics also.

                  As far as B answering your question, I don’t know. I haven’t read this whole thread and again, since it’s a familiar topic, I can pretty much figure out what you said, what B said, and what Greg said. Actually, I think he said strawman this time.

                  You? Talk about sex? I’d never imagine such.

              • “Debating religion causes you to lose friends. As long as you’re not friends, you’re good.”

                I believe it was Greg who defined us as simply a “font”. I hold no belief that we are friends here … simply because of that.

                • “I hold no belief that we are friends here … simply because of that.”

                  I’ve met Greg and his wife Cathey. Some of the best people I’ve ever met as far as I’m concerned. He takes a lot of heat here because of his beliefs and handles it pretty well. He dishes some out too, which is to be expected.

                  I figured most people here were online friends which aren’t necessarily friends in the traditional sense of the word. Being called a “font” seems to be pretty tame actually from what I’ve seem some referred to here. I know I wouldn’t be able to withstand being called a fool or a dumbass very much. Most here kinda take it in stride. I don’t do insults very well so I stay away from it.

                  But since Kells and I are only online friends, I will post the pics of when her girls got loose at the bay that Mr Kells sent me.

                  Also, Kells, the maintenance dept has your bikini top. It was clogging up the drain in the hot tub.

                • 😆 Wills, you made me spew my drink! Bend over…..NOW!

                  Silly Mr. Kells still lets that pic (my son deleted the others) scroll on that picture frame thingy! I told him I do not think this is appropriate. Gah! Can you imagine if I have my pastor come over and he sees that??!! Oy, veh, Maria!

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