Joe Biden: America’s Universal Punchline

Posting from the ferry from Dover to Calais, France…can see all the Normandy beaches from here but can only imagine what it was like crossing this stretch of the Channel on that fateful June morning…I thank God for those men and ask Him to bless the souls of each and every man who left their full measure on those beaches.

About that little debate last night, which was more interruption than debate (Ryan interrupted 82 times by Biden and 34 by Raddatz)…

Apparently, Joan Walsh at Salon saw a different debate than the rest of America, stating that Biden “wiped the floor with Ryan”. I really expected this reaction from the Democratic base, which Walsh is squarely in the middle of.

From the little I saw, Biden was his smarmy, idiotic self, dripping condescension from every body orifice.

Biden’s performance was illustrative of why it is impossible to have a discussion with a liberal because they are so enamored with the sound of their own nonsense that they won’t shut up long enough to listen.

Biden’s performance was proof of that.

Most observers and polls thought that Ryan won – it was clear to me that Biden didn’t help recover from Obama’s Denver Debacle, but he did throw red meat to the “progressive” faithful who, like Biden, think that conservatives should be seen and not heard.

On to the next round of the main event….

11 thoughts on “Joe Biden: America’s Universal Punchline

  1. My great uncle drove one of the troop carrier vessels at normandy beach, He has never talked about it with me though, and from what I have read I can understand why. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Utah,

    So you are saying Biden and his friendly moderator act as though there are two sets of rules in the world: those ones they want to obey (as long as it suits them at the time), and those they want to enforce on everyone else?


  3. Biden was obviously well coached and prepared by his handlers, otherwise he did appear to be his usual smarmy self. Even with the interuption issues, the MSM can only call it a “draw” this morning saying neither one won outright.

  4. I was literally screaming at the television last night because I found it so unfair that Ryan kept being interrupted, and that Biden kept spouting off BS. And the smile plastered on his face? That’s the look of, Oh, sh*t; I’m getting my ass kicked.

  5. You guys will not believe the coverage over here from the international branches of the MSM. The difference is that all of them except Fox run an entirely different programming slate with hosts that are way far left. You would think that Romney and Ryan lost both debates.

    • No, actually, I not only believe it, I expected as much. After all, you are in the homeland of the ideology that is now threatening to destroy this nation as it has already destroyed its parents. Rather than admit the Yanks were not only correct about Liberty, but also about economics, they would prefer to double and triple down — even to go all in on a global scale — to admitting we are correct again.

      Arrogance precedes the fall — every time. 🙂

  6. my father flew p51 over normandy and only talked about late in life. lost his wing man to a 88. enjoy your visit.
    v.p. biteme talked of how important it was to us to get rescrewed by him and o cause of the U.S. Supreme Court appointments. found this buried in the papers.
    slowly we are losing our freedoms. bye bye chruch fund raisers, flea markets and an extra buck selling off your old stuff.

  7. “According to the CNN poll of independents, Paul Ryan won the debate, 48% to 44%. The same poll showed that people who watched the debate believed that Paul Ryan expressed himself better than Joe Biden, 50%-41%. An NBC poll of 435 uncommitted voters after the debate showed Paul Ryan winning with 63% to 31%. CNBC had it 56% to 36%, again with Paul Ryan coming out on top. Even the Danville Advocate Messenger had Paul Ryan on top at the end of the day, attracting 56% to Biden’s 41%.

    So how could Joe Biden’s strategy have backfired so horribly? It’s quite simple. He did not come off as ‘presidential.’ He wasn’t Joe Biden. He was Malarkey McSmirk. ”

    Malarkey McSmirk! I like that!

    Who Won the VP Debate 2012: Paul Ryan Wins the Polls Against Laughing Joe Biden

  8. “Laughing Joe” Biden. I like that. Realizing that this fool is one heartbeat away from the presidency, is this how he would deal with foreign and domestic policy?

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