You’ve Got Mail…

Today I received an e-mail which I believe to be factual. This came from my daddy, who, for a good part of his life, was surrounded by five women. If M. finds any discrepancies in its truthfulness or accuracy, I shall pull the post…..or have him talk to daddy. Right then. Here is the e-mail:



Osama   Bin Laden was living with 3 wives in one compound and never left the house   for 5 years.

It is   now believed he called the Navy Seals himself.


2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail…

  1. Could well be. After all, with the multitudes of religions and societies that, outwardly, profess male domination and the subjugation of women to varying degrees, we all know that behind closed doors, the story is often quite different.

    So when will we have a female president? And more importantly- one that doesn’t have to play by the boy’s clubs rules to get there?

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