Coal Miners Agree – Obama Struck The Motherlode Of Lies

A very rich vein, apparently:

Coal miners at the American Energy Corp. Century Mine said they want President Barack Obama to stop what they term the war on coal – and to stop spreading “mistruths” about them.

Miners gathered Friday afternoon to express their opposition to Obamas energy and environmental policies, which they believe threaten their jobs. Miner Mitch Miracle read aloud a letter the miners mailed to Obama that outlines some of their concerns.

The miners said Obama’s campaign team is running ads filled with blatantly false statements about the miners regarding their participation in Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s August campaign stop at the Century Mine. These ads assert that the miners were forced to attend the event by the mines owner, Robert Murray.

There’s prevarication in them thar’ hills!

11 thoughts on “Coal Miners Agree – Obama Struck The Motherlode Of Lies

  1. As for anyone who claims the miners were forced to attend, those on-site Friday said these assertions probably came from discharged or disgruntled former employees. That sentence sort of lets Obama’s team off the hook, I’d say. as far as lying goes, but not fact-checking such a statement is pretty goldurned stupid. I guess they are still in Benghazi mode, or Romney has a mole On Team Obama.

    Some coal use is being replaced with natural gas, which is cheaper and cleaner. I like having clean air, don’t you?

    And if Mr. Murray is not mining as much coal these days, maybe he is just not very good at it. The production of coal in the US is down 5.7% from last year, which was a banner year for coal.

    • Greg,

      Do you think that maybe — just maybe — the fact that Obama has directed the EPA to shut down some 100 coal fired plants this year and another 200 or so next year might play into this equation somewhere?

      If you do, then no, Obama is not “off the hook.” If you do not see the connection, then you have either not seen the Obama video saying he would shut down the coal fired plants (which I know you have), or you are intentionally ignoring that video.

      And, please, don’t keep on this Democrat Party talking point about clean air and dirty coal. The EPA already has regulations in place that keep the emissions from those plants way down from what they were in the past. This issue has more to do with a political agenda than any harm to the environment.

  2. Does the fact that you are uttering a complete falsehood matter? Not to you, apparently….

    no plants have been shut down under the new rules which haven’t taken effect, and will likely be revised before passage. the plants affected are the oldest in the country, and many were grandfathered in under the Clean Air Act, few have scrubbers.

    Now go tell Glenn Beck that he made a boo-boo

    • Let’s re-word this a little bit (hehehehehe) …

      “No plants have been shut down under the new rules which haven’t taken effect, and will likely be shelved until after the election before passage.”

      That’s more appropriate to the real logic.

      “The Obama administration has since been under pressure from Republicans and some conservative Democrats, who have been pushing the White House to kill the pending climate regulations. Last month, more than 200 lawmakers, including 14 Democrats, urged OMB acting Director Jeffrey Zients to stop consideration of these regulations; they argue that the rules will drive up energy prices and threaten job growth.”

      “Still, at a House hearing last month, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said that the agency remains hopeful the rules will come “early this year.”’

      I guess she didn’t get her way after all.–20120318

      Dammit man, don’tcha just hate it when Obama’s subterfuge gets gouged like that? 🙂

    • “Now go tell Glenn Beck that he made a boo-boo”

      Oh, and this is cute, but … after reading the cited article (maybe you should have done so yourself), I find myself curious how you extrapolated the name Glenn Beck from “CASEY JUNKINS” who is attributed as the author of the article cited in this post?

      (scratches head)

    • It would seem we have a new syndrome for the left to suffer from. A few years ago, it was “Bush derangement Syndrome,” now it is “Beck Derangement Syndrome.” Only, this new syndrome seems to be much more powerful as it apparently affects some on the Right as well as those on the Left.

      Here’s why we know Greg is suffering from an acute case of “Beck Derangement Syndrome:”

      Regulations Force Record Number Of Coal-Fired Electricity Generators To Be Shut Down

      Facing declining demand for electricity and stiff federal environmental regulations, coal plant operators are planning to retire 175 coal-fired generators, or 8.5 percent of the total coal-fired capacity in the United States, according to an analysis by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

      A record-high 57 generators will shut down in 2012, representing 9 gigawatts of electrical capacity, according to EIA. In 2015, nearly 10 gigawatts of capacity from 61 coal-fired generators will be retired.

      As you can plainly see, nothing to do with Glenn Beck or any of his associated agencies. But even if my source had been Glenn Beck, that does not make the facts wrong, nor does it make Greg’s propaganda fact.

      Nice try, Greg. But you missed again, brother. 🙂

      P.S. This is because I already know you will scream “FAUX News:”

      Report: More than 200 coal-fired generators slated for shutdown

      Report: Up to 17,000 jobs lost from coal plant shutdowns

      Activists Rejoice As Coal-Fired Plants Shut Down

      There are more, many more, and from liberal sources no less. That last one is from the HufPo. But, frankly, I don’t understand why you keep trying. You lose every time you try to refute me when I make claims like this — every time. If it matters, this no longer brings me any pleasure. I do it now merely because someone has to stand up for the truth. 😦

      • Well, B., are these the old plants or those clean coal plants? Honestly, I do not know the difference between dirty coal and clean coal……..I just know it’s something you get for Christmas if you’re naughty.

        • You can put scrubbers on ANY coal plant. The clean vs dirty is not exactly what you would expect. These terms were chosen specifically because they confuse the average person.

          The truth is, Obama wants to shut down ALL coal plants because — in his world — that would finally make “green energy” viable. It is just another form of force being wielded by the govt. and the People will pay the price: both in terms of dollars and — this time — real lives.

      • One, you gave no attribution, Second, you said that the coal plants were already shut down, but the rules have yet to be finalized.
        You are one lousy defender of the truth.

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