Have A Koch And A Smile

Much has been made of the Dave Koch’s letter in the voter information packet to the Georgia Pacific employees. Melfamy (Imam Greg) is about top blow a gasket about how these evil businessmen (all Republicans, of course) are telling their employees who to vote for…or else.


Once again, just a little probing (basically two clicks) reveals the truth. Dave Koch’s letter contains this:

“This is true regardless of what your political affiliation might be.”

OMG, what a threat!

But you didn’t get that from the Imam, you got:

In it was a letter, dated Oct. 1, from Koch Industries president Dave Robertson implicitly warning that “many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences” of voting for President Obama and other Democrats in the 2012 elections, a list of conservative candidates the company’s political action committee endorses and a pair of editorials: one, by David Koch, supporting Mitt Romney, and the other, by Charles Koch, condemning Obama.

And you didn’t get this:

Oh, the horror!

The full letter is here: KOCH2 – Obama is never mentioned.

As opposed to this:

During a speech to the Human Rights Campaign Gala in North Carolina in February, Sebelius said North Carolina Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton “needs to be the next governor of North Carolina.” She also outlined the Obama administration’s accomplishments so far and said, “One of the imperatives is to make sure that we not only come together here in Charlotte to present the nomination to the president, but we make sure that in November he continues to be president for another four years.”

The Office of Special Counsel said she made the political remarks in her capacity as a federal employee and thus violated the Hatch Act. If  Sebelius had made those remarks in her personal capacity, they would have been acceptable.

Like I said – pure, unadulterated, barnyard quality bullshit.

5 thoughts on “Have A Koch And A Smile

  1. Utah, you gave us a link to Dave Robertson’s letter, not Charles Koch’s, who does mention Obama. That is sort of misleading, tsk, tsk..

    here is Charles Koch’s letter to employees http://www.inthesetimes.com/Koch/koch3.pdf

    But You did what I should have done, read the letters myself. They aren’t so bad after all. I agree with many of the points made in Charles’ letter. BTW, Barbara Walters spoke well of the Koch brothers today on her show.

    Sibelius needs to be made accountable for her actions, there is no excuse for campaigning on my dime.

    Despite your snarky tone, (Imam Greg?), I, unlike some others, appreciate it when I am shown where I have erred..There may be some question as to whether employers should involve their work force in politics, but the Koch brothers did it with class, at least.

  2. When I worked for a large telephone corporation, we were “encouraged” to contribute to our company’s PAC which was working in the best interest of regulatory issues facing the telephone companies. We also received a newsletter from the company advising us on how the election of a particular individual (or individuals) could impact the telephone industry. While we weren’t told who to vote for, we were made aware of the company’s position on candidates and their platforms and how they might affect our industry. No big deal, they all do it.

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