Riots if Romney Wins? Honor the Threat!

New Threats to Riot if Obama Loses Election

Despite the issue receiving national media attention, Obama supporters continue to threaten to riot if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, raising the prospect of civil unrest if Obama fails to secure a second term.

The new threats continue to dominate Twitter and the vast majority make no reference to press coverage of the issue over the last week, illustrating the fact that they are a legitimate expression of how many Obama voters plan to respond if Romney comes out on top, and not merely a reaction to media hype.

This is a two-part threat. First, and most pressing (because the second threat is most likely related to the first), the George Soros formula for toppling a govt. is pinned to post-election violence resulting from a disputed election result. We would be wise NOT to dismiss this possibility as Soros has openly stated that the U.S. is the primary obstacle to a just world order. He means it. He has also stated that he intends to use his great wealth to bring about the fall of the U.S. ALWAYS HONOR THE THREAT!

The second threat comes in the words of Van Jones when he said that we need the bottom to rise up, so the top can come down. In other words, Obama needs riots to justify “emergency action.” Rom Emanuel said to never let a good crisis go to waste, and we have had a Democrat Governor suggest suspending national elections and a Democrat Congressman suggest suspending Congress because of some perceived state of emergency. Again, we would be wise NOT to assume this mentality is NOT in the govt. It is. And again, ALWAYS HONOR THE THREAT!

12 thoughts on “Riots if Romney Wins? Honor the Threat!

  1. Ah yes. Shall we look into these so called accounts- as a number of :grey hats: have been? Other then a few accounts listed as spoog accounts, these accounts are overwhelmingly:
    registered in the last two monts
    have no personal content whatsoever
    registered with emails with no history
    post nothing but what many are calling “nigger thug”

    Because…these are not real accounts. They are not real people. Another pathetic attempt of the far right…FFS!

  2. If Romney wins, and there are riots, many people will get hurt and will be imprisoned; and for what? I have seen this in third world countries. Have we really lowered ourselves to this? The truth is that neither Romney nor Obama controls what goes on in the U.S. They are merely the spokesmen for those that really have the power; and run the country. We have had Republicans and Democrats in office; some one termers and others two termers. Ask yourself a question.What has changed in your life? If your candidate loses, do you really think that civil unrest will really change anything? Is losing an election worth being tear gased, locked up, and very possibly taking an ass whipping in the process for an election that you can not possibly changed once it is over? Just a thought:)

    • Jeff,

      You won’t get any argument from me. If you look through the history of my posts here on the RNL, you’ll find I have accepted Carroll Quigley’s argument (basically the same as Ron Paul’s recent comment): there is only 1 Party, it just acts like it is 2.

      So, no, you won’t get an argument from me — not on this 🙂

    • Well, if history is any guide, it would seem this is nothing more than apologetics in the face of facts.

      Just sayin’

    • Prior to the shootings at Kent State decades ago, the student leaders of the protest invited the blacks at the school to join them, they declined. I forget the exact quote, but they sensed the mood of the authorites and the cops, and they knew that it was going to be bad.
      Thinking that blacks will riot if Obama loses is as stupid, and racist, as thinking that white people riot when Romney loses. Of course, there was all that talk about second-amendment solutions…..

      • “Thinking that blacks will riot if Obama loses is as stupid, and racist, as thinking that white people riot when Romney loses.”

        Only, things have changed since the incident you mentioned. Today, we have countless examples of predominantly black communities rioting whenever something happens to excite them — including the winning or losing of a simple sporting event.

        Your comment has no merit in reality, Greg. If you want to build credibility, you need to be aware of and at least acknowledge objections as obvious as those I just mentioned.

  3. Go ahead and riot. I am a Southerner – one of those people that Obama says that clings to his Bible and his guns. Try to riot near my house and make me feel threatened. We have the castle doctrine in Texas. Set foot on my propety rioting when Obama loses and you will need your Bible.

  4. Soros is NOT trying to bring down America, B! The quotes you provide don’t even add up to anything close. I have provided you withlinks to Soros sayoing that a strong and moral America is needed in the world, but you ignore anything that contradicts your blindered vision of How Things Are

    • Soros has said he is trying to bring down America. So, again, you are trying to tell people they do not mean what they have said.

      this is a break with objective reality and undermines any credibility you might otherwise have with reasonable people.

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