Investor’s Business Daily Trumps Moochelle

Michelle says we are in the middle of a huge recovery

IBD says: “Well, Sweetie, maybe in the DC party circuit but not in Peoria.”:



Reagan did it better and for longer:

Michelle Obama recently described this recovery as “huge.” Maybe she forgot what decade it is. The Reagan recovery in the ’80s was huge. But the one her husband’s policies have given us? Not so much.

A Washington, D.C., hip-hop station host asked Michelle to “in your words, tell us what you think the state of the union is in right now?”

Her answer: “I mean, we are seeing right now that we are in the midst of a huge recovery. Right? Because of what this president has done.”

We wholeheartedly agree with the first lady that the current state of the economy is the result of “what this president has done.”

But to call Obama’s recovery — which started just five months after he took office and is now in its 40th month — “huge” shows just how detached from reality the White House has become.

11 thoughts on “Investor’s Business Daily Trumps Moochelle

  1. Well, silly B., I’m actually fond of the pic of you, er, YOU with your dogs. Also, G. has a pirate pic that I quite like. (He looks nothing like the naked fella on the computer.) I like the shot of James (even though I don’t drink soy milk.) Texas is very easy on the eyes (I’ve only seen the one shot of him.) Tony’s pic is quite nice. I also dug it when Augger posted himself shooting (then again, maybe it wasn’t him….) I’m not a perv, I just like to look at boys….

    Naturally, I would post a pic of myself, but I don’t want to scare off M.’s readers.

      • I don’t have any qualms with nudie pics (hint, hint.) I tell you, Ross has the nudie collection of me after my last massage. I was very disappointed that he turned them over to the Weight Watchers “before” shots. He will pay for that one!

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