I Missed Something Strange in the Last Debate — Did You Catch It?

Watch this clip again, it only takes a minute:

Now ask yourself, why did Obama look as though he was ready for this?  Why did he goad Romney, telling him to “go on?”  Why did Obama tell Crowley to “get the transcript?”  Why would he even think she might have it to “get?”  And why did she act as though she had it, or that she was freshly familiar enough with it to insert herself as a “fact checker?”

Then ask yourself this question: why was it the press corps that applauded after this exchange?
Oh, I know some will still call me a conspiracy theorist, but how much more do you need before you see that this was actually scripted — and without Romney’s knowledge (which is why he looked so astounded when it happened — because he KNEW he was right and couldn’t believe what was happening).

You might want to consider calling the legacy media PRAVDA WEST.  They’ve certainly earned the name.


It would appear I was too slow:

Dem Agenda Exposed – Long Islander “Kerry Ladka” and The Ideology of Flag Carrying – (Toldyaso….. /SD)

CNN and The Obama Administration –
Weapons of Misdirection
In the history books of wool-over-sheep
le-eye-removal this might, just might,
go down as one of the most obvious
and over-the-top Machiavellian media
manuevers ever.
Watching it unfold on live TV it did not
seem right. It was awkwardly and
comfortably scripted, and too smooth
in execution. But watching it on replay
the agenda filled manipulation was
obvious. It appears Candy Crowley and
CNN together with the Obama
Administration scripted the Libyan
injection into the Presidential Debate.
I’m not just talking about Candy
Crowley interjecting on behalf of
President Obama, and interrupting Mitt
Romney, I mean the whole segment
seemed like it was a set up.
So we did a little research:
Candy Crowley told Erin Burnett on
CNN’s show Out Front, Monday Night
10/15, that she had collected the
questions from the invited and vetted
debate audience at Hofstra University
and was reviewing them. This was
Monday on the 7pm broadcast of Erin
Burnett. The Debate was Tuesday.
When the question on Libya was asked
by audience member Kerry Ladka, he
prefaced the question by saying:
….this question actually comes from
my, err, um, a brain trust of my friends
at Global Telecom Supply in Mineola,
yesterday we were sitting around
talking about Libya…
If Candy Crowley already had the
audience questions assembled the day
before, how could Kerry Ladka and his
brain trust friends have been writing
Secondly, look at the origin and subject
switch from Candy Crowley. When she
said “we are changing topics to a
question from Kerry… from Kerry
Ladka“, Obama already knew what to
look for and where he was seated.
There are numerous “TELLS” Watch the
video – it is at 1:06:35 Watch.
President Obama moved (physically
walked) directly toward Kerry Ladka,
and said “Hi Kerry“,… (but oddly Kerry
had not moved, nor identified himself)
…. then, rut roh,…. after an internal
psyche trigger kicked in, President
Obama does the ((‘oops’)) *looks
around* as if to say where am I going…
then asks “what’s your name“?
Thirdly, within the carefully worded
question itself is a very nuanced
descriptive delivered by Ladka:
…”and we were reading, and we
became aware of reports that the State
Department refused extra security for
our embassy in Benghazi Libya prior to
the attacks that killed four Americans.
Who was it that denied enhanced
security, and why?
The term “enhanced security” is the
term used by the White House
spokespeople and by the State
Department spokesperson(s). It is just
plain awkward and oddly not in a
normal context for a general question
from an unattached observer. Not to
mention it perfectly “Tee’s Up” the only
construct, and context, that Obama
could defend and expand upon.
Fourth. Michelle Obama appears to
know the moment is at hand and fails
to contain her excitment upon
execution. There is a FOX News camera
angle that actually shows her response
during a cutaway portion. No-one
realized she was on tape…. And you’re
not going to believe what she was
doing…. just watch:
Yes, that’s right. The LOUD clapping you
can hear in the audience is from none
other than Michelle Obama herself who
is responding to the put down of
Governor Romney’s question by Candy
Crowley. She knew all along the risk to
Obama that Libya presents, and she
appears giddy upon execution of the
Fifth Point – Kerry Ladka works for
Global Telecom Supply. More
specifically he works for Isaac Elyassoff
who is the current Vice-President at
Global Telecom Supply. Guess where
Elyassoff is an alumnus of ? Yep,
Hofstra University, the site of the
debate. It appears Elyassoff is in his
mid twenties having graduated from
Hofstra with a degree in Marketing and
Business 2002-2006. Obamabot?
Ideology? Check out his twittery
friends .
Why would random undecided voter,
Mr. Kerry Ladka, of Long Island NY, be
calling media outlets, media pundits,
and requesting to be on their shows?
Just a randomly selected “undecided
voter”/”audience member” chosen by
Does the prior name David Plouffe or
the prior campaign strategy of David
Plouffe ring a bell?… anyone?….
anyone?….. Any.One?
Now regarding the entire aspect of
Crowley Bias:
As noted by commentator “garyws”
Look at the video from 1:13:50 to
1:15:20. This is obvious evidence of
collusion between Obama and the
moderator, Candy Crowley. When
Romney makes the point that Obama
had just said in the debate that he had
called this an “act of terror’ in the Rose
Garden the day after the attack, Obama
smugly encourages Romney: “Please
proceed, Governor”.
Then when Romney says, “I want to
make sure that we’ve got that on the
record because it took the president 14
days before he called the attack in
Benghazi an act of terror” , Obama then
prompts the moderator (Candy Crowley)
, “Get the transcript”, and right after
Crowley stuttered, “He did in fact”,
Obama says confidently “Can you say
that a little louder Candy?” And each
time that Obama commented, there was
a spattering of applause from Obama
supporters in the audience.
Look at the Crowley interruption
segment closely:
It was obvious to the intellectually
honest viewer that an agenda, what
appears to be a “scripted agenda”, was
being followed. Here is another angle.
Focus on the exchange between
President Obama and the simultaneous
verbage of Candy Crowley:
Now, before people begin spouting off
accusations about a wild conspiracy
theory. Let me remind you of what we
have already recently shown, in fact,
about CNN specifically and intentionally
removing reports from U.S. CNN
audiences in order to help the White
First CNN reports a total falsehood:
that a “senior official” said a full marine
detachment could not have repelled the
Benghazi Attack.
Second. Watch the first 3 minutes of
this video about CNN and the Cairo
Why would CNN refuse to air the Nick
Robertson report with Muhammed Al
Zawahiri (brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri)
that clearly shows the Egyptian uprising
was 100% in response to his call for
protests for release of the Blind sheik
on 9-11.?
This Nick Robertson report was filmed
the morning of the Cairo Embassy
protest itself. It was filmed on 9/11
outside the U.S. Embassy.
Why would the “most trusted name in
news“, hide the report showing the
obvious truth, and instead allow the
false narrative to be sold, by them, to
the American electorate?
Lastly, don’t take my word for it. Read
and listen to a former CNN journalist
Amber Lyon.
Amber Lyon is an award-winning
journalist who worked for CNN.
She says she was ordered to report fake
stories, delete unfriendly stories
adverse to the Obama administration
(like the Nick Robertson report), and
construct stories in specific manners
while working for the left-wing network.
She used to work for CNN and she
supports what we are outlining
regarding the intentional manipulation
of the Presidential Debate by CNN.
We previously outlined her story, and
the hiding of the Nick Robertson report
Given the history of documented, cited
and irrefutable manipulation by CNN, is
it a stretch to say that given all the
citations above, Mr. Ladka was a
specifically planted seed waiting to be
used at a specifically planned juncture;
with the full knowledge of the Obama
campaign, and facilitated by a willing
media outlet?
Obama: “get the transcript”…..
Obama: “can you say that a little louder
Was Crowley correct? Did President
Obama actually call it an act of terror?
Here’s the relevant portion of the
transcript (emphasis added):
Of course, yesterday was already a
painful day for our nation as we
marked the solemn memory of the 9/11
attacks. We mourned with the families
who were lost on that day. I visited the
graves of troops who made the
ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and
Afghanistan at the hallowed grounds of
Arlington Cemetery, and had the
opportunity to say thank you and visit
some of our wounded warriors at
Walter Reed. And then last night, we
learned the news of this attack in
As Americans, let us never, ever forget
that our freedom is only sustained
because there are people who are
willing to fight for it, to stand up for it,
and in some cases, lay down their lives
for it. Our country is only as strong as
the character of our people and the
service of those both civilian and
military who represent us around the
No acts of terror will ever shake the
resolve of this great nation, alter that
character or eclipse the light of the
values that we stand for.
Today we mourn for more Americans
who represent the very best of the
United States of America. We will not
waver in our commitment to see that
justice is done for this terrible act. And
make no mistake, justice will be done.
But we also know that the lives these
Americans led stand in stark contrast to
those of their attackers. These four
Americans stood up for freedom and
human dignity. They should give every
American great pride in the country
that they served, and the hope that our
flag represents to people around the
globe who also yearn to live in freedom
and with dignity.
We grieve with their families, but let us
carry on their memory and let us
continue their work in seeking a
stronger America and a better world for
all of our children.
Thank you. May God bless the memory
of those we lost, and may God bless
the United States of America. (link)
As you can see, Obama said, “No acts
of terror will ever shake the resolve of
this nation.”
However, he didn’t specifically call this
incident an act of terror, and his
administration went on for days if not
weeks claiming it was a protest over an
anti-Muslim movie trailer. Obama was
certainly not calling the Benghazi attack
an act of “terrorism“, if he wanted to
tell the American people it was
terrorists then he would not have sent
his cabinet level UN ambassador, Susan
Rice, into the media four days later to
say it was a protest about a video that
turned violent.

5 thoughts on “I Missed Something Strange in the Last Debate — Did You Catch It?

  1. I wish I could say I’m surprised.

    Actually, I am surprised that “they” attempted to pull this off…
    and more surprised it has been un-covered.

    Good post B.

    • But it has not been uncovered! I paused the debate on dvr and told my friend this is rigged! Then i hit play and he ordered her to sat it again, I paused it and said it’s rigged. Now I see that Crowley was rehabilitating her image by first saying the lie, twice, but also saying Romeny was right. She told the lie, but it was pre planned that she would have an alibi, that night CNN execs ordered an email for reporters to defend Crowley, shouln’t Cnn be seeking the truth? Today CNN wrote a column in support if Crowley and the WSj wrote a column that Crowley was duped, the WSJ is corrupt and wants us to feel sorry for Crowley and ignore she consipred to scam the public. Even Michelle clapping served to sell the lie while silencing Romney. So what media has covered this? No one. The media ABC NBC CNN The WSJ USA today they are all in bed with Obama, they are complicit. Tell your friends.

      • @Chase,

        That list of organizations should no longer be called the media. They comprise Pravda West, the propaganda organ of the American Left.

        The REAL media in this nation now lies with the Internet alternatives: Breitbart, PJMedia, The Blaze and the Blogosphere.

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