“Skewered… One Sympathizes.”

This is coincidentally my favourite line in Casino Royale – delivered by Daniel Craig as James Bond to the luscious Eva Green as Vesper Lynd – and most likely how Obama felt at the Al Smith Dinner last night. Romney was brilliant. Confident, self deprecating, razor sharp, full of energy and his timing was perfect. He has the lead, is in the driver’s seat and he is feeling it. He was the alpha in the room last night, commanding the attention and the applause…and he looks almost as good in a tux as I do – so he has that going for him.

Romney’s “Big Bird” joke was funny as hell and he followed it up by saying that Obama’s speech was:

“…brought to you by the letter “O” and the number 16 trillion.”

That had to hurt. Romney looked as if he was enjoying himself, Obama looked as if he was looking for the door.

Obama was flat and weak and seemed to allow Romney the spotlight – must be that “leading from behind” thing he keeps talking about.

What a day…Bob Beckel on The Five last night looked like someone just shot his dog.

Favourite Beckel quote – speaking of yesterday’s Gallup poll that put Romney up 7, at 52/45 over Obama:

“It’s over. If these numbers are true, it’s over.”

Hot Air has a side by side here.

9 thoughts on ““Skewered… One Sympathizes.”

  1. Roger Moore was my favourite because he was so great with comedy. Timothy Dalton was, hands down, the best looking. Naturally, none of these Bond boys hold a candle to M. in a tux. See? You missed your calling, M.

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