The Lovely And Talented Mrs. Utah Just Made An Astute Observation

Peggy Noonan writes today about The Year the Debates Mattered:

The presidential debates this year have been more consequential than such debates have ever been.

They’ve been historic, shifting the mood and trajectory of the race. They’ve been revealing of the personalities and approaches of the candidates. And they’ve produced a new way in which winners and losers are judged. It’s a two-part wave now, the debate and the postdebate, and you have to win both.

We were sitting here talking about Romney’s huge surge in the polls and wondering why…Of course, Romney won the first debate and actually won the second on the points that mattered – but in reality, he really wasn’t doing or saying anything that he hadn’t said before…and then the light bulb of inspiration came on (it is an incandescent bulb). Mrs. Utah said:

I think the reason that the debates have mattered this year because there were a lot of things discussed at the debates that the media hasn’t reported. When people heard about things like Benghazi, they went and looked it up and started finding out what was really happening. That caused them to decide that Romney was right.

I couldn’t actually believe it because I don’t operate that way, I read at least part of 8 newspapers from around the world every day and check about 20 websites, left, middle and right, every day as well. I just couldn’t conceptualize that people could have actually not known about something as consequential as the Benghazi affair – until I saw this:


Maybe the Missus is right after all.

16 thoughts on “The Lovely And Talented Mrs. Utah Just Made An Astute Observation

  1. Bout time you gave credit where credit’s due. I’m sure she probably writes most of your articles, as well. I know that Mrs. B. had to have written the Stick and Twig book for B.. When you silly boys grasp the wisdom of women, it will be a great day. I think you just got a little appetizer, mon petit fours.

    Let’s talk about important matters now. Mrs. Utah has beautiful skin. I should like to know her regimen……not that I’m getting pimples….I’m just getting pimples.

  2. Maybe it’s time to initiate a “political aptitude” test in order to EARN your right to vote. You either:

    A — Get shot at while in service the the nation or

    B — Pass the test every election year (and that is, pass it BEFORE you vote).

    [Would probably solve the problem of the dead and illegals voting at the same time]

  3. These folks are indeed pitiful. Sadly, a quick web search will show you that it’s easy to find equally ignorant voters favoring both parties (and independents, for that matter).

    • “Yeah conservative voters are the most ignorant”

      If you say so; I didn’t. But as I noted, you can easily find similar examples from both sides.

  4. I have acquaintances & family members who are equally ignorant.
    IF: it is not in the New York Times or CNN or MSNBC, etc.

    THEN: It isn’t important,or
    It did not happen/ it is a lie, etc.

    • That’s a very pertinent comment. SBJ is correct as I have found plenty of conservatives lost in space, but you are spot on about people going to only one or two sources. It is very frustrating to me.

  5. How magnanimous of James to say that there is ignorance on both sides when it is only one side who routinely claims that conservatives are just simpletons who routinely vote against their interests and are “bitter clingers to guns and religion”.

    I mean, what IS wrong with Kansas?

    Wrote about this a long time ago:

    Truth is that Conservatives are just as educated and informed as anyone else.

    Based on a Pew Research study in 2007 (the latest that I could find), listeners to Rush and viewers of O’Reilly were right up there with NPR, Jim Lehrer and Daily Show/Colbert Report devotees. Knowledge levels of Republicans and Democrats are essentially equal. When combining medium and high knowledge scores, it is 74 to 69 – R’s to D’s.

    The real point is that uninformed voters of any ideology are dangerous and damaging to democracy. The media shielding any candidate or ideology from honest reporting by deciding what is important and what is not based on any bias is wrong…and there is clear evidence of that happening from Us magazine screaming that Ann Romney wore a $1690 dress in their headline when buried in the story is the fact that Michelle Obama’s ensemble cost twice that much ($3,290) – Moochelle’s jacket alone cost almost as much as Ann’s dress ($1,495) – to ABC and NBC “disappearing” the Benghazi debacle from their broadcasts.

    When Romney wins, the real winner will be Fox News – an organization what undeniably leans right but reports it all. They may well take a conservative view of events but they don’t exclude them because they disagree with them, whereas conservative voices are seldom heard on the other networks and they do, in fact, censor news that they deem “unhelpful” to their worldview.

    • Fox shows BOTH sides of the issue. Fox usually doesn’t show the hard ends of the spectrum. So while Fox may be “center-right”, it is not “right wing” in my opinion. Juan Williams and Bob Beckel and Dick Morris are all over Fox.

  6. “it is only one side who routinely claims that conservatives are just simpletons”

    Yes, just as it is only one side that routinely claims that liberals are gun-hating anti-Christian idiots.

    And it’s folks from the party not in power that are most likely to cast inane personal insults at the president and first lady. “Moochelle”? I’d expect that from Joe or Augger, but I thought you were more thoughtful than that, Utah.

    “conservative voices are seldom heard on the other networks”

    I don’t think you’re watching the other cable networks as much as I am. Though I haven’t seen an official count, the percentages seem fairly even to me. Neither Fox nor MSNBC has enough sources from the other side, but it’s also apparently true that Republicans are reticent to go on MSNBC and Dems frequently avoid going on Fox.

    “The real point is that uninformed voters of any ideology are dangerous and damaging to democracy.”

    On that we agree.

    • @James,

      The majority of your comments here on the RNL have no root in objective reality. They can only stand in the world where personal opinions are accepted as fact. This last comment is no exception.

      • Coming from you, Joe, that means soooo much. Really. 😉

        And since there were multiple statements in my last comment, the last of which was a statement agreeing with Utah, I guess you’re putting him in the same boat. Nice job.

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