Not That This Is A Soros Set-Up…

But it IS how Soros sets up nations to be toppled: he creates chaos and unrest around an election scandal. Now, after the polls show a massive swing from ALL Obama to ALL Romney (something that was most likely artificially created), and the threats of rioting if Romney wins are starting to grow, we get this story:

International monitors at US polling places draw criticism

United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud.

Notice how it focuses on “conservatives?” Read that REPUBLICANS, and Romney is a Republican.

The story doesn’t mention anything about the numerous reports of Democrat voter fraud, or Democrat-led voter suppression, but those reports have been in the news. No, this focuses only on Romney, the presumed and likely winner of the election. It also bolsters the ability of the Left to argue election fraud while providing rioters even more excuse for civil unrest — all of which could then be used by Obama as an excuse to take some unprecedented action regarding the U.S. electoral process.

Now, I am not saying this is what this story is about, but I am not “not” saying it, either. I am among the few who not only take Soros at his word, but also understand the formula he has SUCCESSFULLY used to topple at least five national governments. That is why I understand this story is yet another piece in a puzzle that could be pointing directly to such a manufactured event. Anyone thinking it impossible simply doesn’t understand the issue, or refuses to deal with the reality on the ground here in America.

As it is always best to be prepared rather than regretful, the best thing we can hope for is a landslide victory for Romney — because that is the most effective way to defuse any possible trap that may have been laid for the American electorate. And, like it or not, the best way to assure a landslide victory for Romney is to (choke) vote for him in the election. But, if we do and he wins, then we MUST hold Romney’s feet to the fire and DEMAND that he do what MUST be done — not what is politically expedient like the last four presidents have done.

9 thoughts on “Not That This Is A Soros Set-Up…

  1. oh god no. The OSCE is sending a whopping 44 observers- less then 1 per state for the mathematically challenged, to OBSERVE the US elections. To observe, and learn, from what is *supposed* to be one of the freesest and fairest elections in the world.

    So what is the problem exactly? That the world might actually have to witness the BS that really goes on? That they might actually see the billboards placed in poor communities- where many have been “through the system” and who are, rightly so, scared of the police and “the system” warning that “Voter fraud is a federal crime punishable by jail”? That they might actually witness the illegal voter intimidation planned at many polling places?

    • “So what is the problem exactly?”

      Well, the first problem is, is that you are a stupid dolt if you believe your own nonsense.

      Second problem is … shouldn’t “observers” not choose sides? You’d think that if they were singling out your party, now wouldn’t you?

      And while we are talking about this subject … great outsourcing by your party. Those created jobs in Spain to count this vote should bring in tons of tax dollars for our needy. ::: claps :::

      • Ah yes. So rather then insults care to provide any actual debate? I thought not. Rather sad when a few months ago the RNL posted to my blog to come back- apparently to have whipping boy without, as far as I have seen in 75% of the cases. actually be willing to enter into a discussion/debate.

        I’m a little bit tired of the schtick. If theres an interest in an actual exchange of ideas I’m down. If not…welll….FO.

        • You know drugs, we aren’t that stupid, buddy. You come sincere, and leave your false pretenses and syllogisms at the door, and you get a different set of responses.

          You get what you deserve.

  2. I was at a site last night where a fella was praising Soros. I kinda had to pull my Indiana Jones’ whip on his ass. (Well, it’s actually my son’s, but was effective, nonetheless.)

  3. Soros funded the Solidarity movement in Poland (remember Lech Walesa?)

    He was the main donor to charter 77, an organization in Czechoslovakia that included Vaclav Havel,

    Soros funded Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov

    Soros funded the Orange Revolution, which replaced Schevardnaze with Shiaskavili in Georgia. Beck has sung Shiaskavili’s praises on his show, but ignored Soros’ role in putting him in charge

    • Now what is funny about all this, Greg, is that in doing so … Soros funded a push towards an ‘open society’ where there is a distinction between natural and man-made law, and an increase in personal responsibility and accountability for moral choices.

      Diametrically opposed to the non-transparent, manipulative, dependency state we have in place with this administration … that Soros funded.

      I find Soros to be less benevolent, and more so opportunistic.

      • If you believe that a Romney Presidency would be more responsive to you and I, then your thinking is just as wishful as mine was in 2008.

        Soros is eighty years old, I think toppling repressive regimes is a hobby. and we have some attributes of a repressive regime. The only difference is, we outsource our repression, while we keep up appearances here in the ol’ unbombed, un-sanctioned, un-occupied Yew Ess of Ay

        • Actually Greg, what I have to say about Romney is just about the same as I have said all along. I will recap it here, just for you …

          “Have stated all along … Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and now Romney have this all in common … and something else as well.

          They are all progressives. Difference here is … the rate at which we lose our liberty.

          A vote for Romney is a difficult pill to swallow. It’s tough to get excited about casting that vote … until you take a look at the Democratic offering.”

          So I present as a person of “wishful thinking” when it comes to a Romney Presidency? No. So just bolt that one right out of your brain and logic.

          Soros … well, let’s just say that he is … conflicted in his reasoning, and leave it at that.

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