Yes, Proceed Mr. President

Please Mr President please by all means proceed. Proceed with your explanation as to the events that led up to the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi.

Please tell us once and for all that your administration did not refuse to provide requested additional security to the Ambassador and his staff. Please tell the American people again how this unprovoked attack was the product of an online video aimed at the Muslim faith.

Yes, please proceed and tell the American people that the deaths of 4 American servants is not “optimal” and how you are insulted by the assertions that your administration did not do enough to protect these 4 American citizens serving abroad.

To read more about the President’s explanations please report to the Dryer Report for more on Benghazi.

3 thoughts on “Yes, Proceed Mr. President

  1. The pathetic thing about this is … News stories are breaking today that this administration watched it play out live via a orbiting drone.

    This administration proves that liberalism … is truly a mental disorder.

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