Govt. Employees DO Make More Than Private Sector Counterparts

This is part of the problem with govt. unions and even allowing govt. employees to vote: they end up bargaining against themselves and dragging the rest of the nation along with them.  Think about it this way.  You work for yourself and decide you want more money, but you have a magic pocket that never runs empty, so you don’t have to worry about actually producing more to raise that extra money.  So you ask your reflection for a raise and your reflection says no.  Now you get angry and tell your reflection you are going to strike.  Your reflections says “Fine, strike then,” and you do.  Now your reflection agrees to pay you more money — especially since the never ending pocket can just take what it needs from everyone else in the country.  So you are happy because you forced yourself to give you more money, less hours and greater benefits.  And that is EXACTLY what allowing a govt. union is like IN A NATION WHERE THE PEOPLE RULE.

But it gets worse.  Suppose you do this too often.  Soon, you will make significantly more than the people who actually have to fill your never ending pocket.  Now, just for the sake of argument, consider the position of those poor people.  They tell you, HEY!  Stop spending so much of OUR money.  But you like your cushy job, so you say no, we’ve earned it, and you spout off about collective bargaining rights and all that jazz.  So now the people start to get angry and they try to force you to cut the spending on yourself by voting for representatives who will actually cut your pay.  What do you do now?  You strike again.  And THAT is when you start dragging the nation down the drain with you, and all because you care more about your pocket than the nation you supposedly wanted to serve.

I’ve tried to explain this many times, and, each time, I am attacked by people who are or have relatives who work for the govt.  I am called heartless and all sorts of other names, and then I am told I’m simply wrong.  Well, let me make this perfectly clear: I KNOW MANY GOVT. EMPLOYEES!  MY FAMILY IS MADE UP OF GOVT. EMPLOYEES!  AND THAT’S WHY I KNOW I AM RIGHT ABOUT THIS ARGUMENT!

This doesn’t mean these people aren’t good people or hard workers, it just means they get paid too much for what they do as compared to the people being forced to pay the bills.  What’s more, when we start looking at benefits and retirement packages, the situation gets even worse.  So why would we expect govt. employees NOT to resist the cuts that will be necessary to save this nation?  Heck, most of the rest of the nation is voting their pocket first, as well.

Finally, I am not wrong about the pay discrepancy between govt. and private sector employees, and the proof has always been there — for anyone sincerely interest in finding it.  Here it is in the news again:

Pay gap between government, private sector widens to 34 percent

The gap in pay between federal employees and private-sector workers has jumped 8 percentage points since last year, according to new data presented at a Federal Salary Council meeting Friday.

On average, federal employees earn 34 percent less than their private-sector counterparts, according to the council’s analysis.

The pay gap, which is calculated using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics based on pay in 34 locality pay areas, was 26 percent last year.

The council, which is made up of labor representatives and pay experts, makes recommendations on federal pay to the President’s Pay Agent.

Over the last several years, the council’s analysis has shown the pay gap increasingly widening.

Still, two years after President Barack Obama proposed a two-year pay freeze for civilian government employees, the issue of whether and how much feds are underpaid remains contentious.

A Congressional Budget Office study released in January found, overall, federal employees actually earn about 2 percent more in wages compared to private-sector workers, with wider differences based on education level.

But a June 2011 report from the the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, indicated government pay outstripped private-sector pay by 14 percent.

In reviewing various statistics on federal pay, the Government Accountability Office said the widely divergent results were due to the different methodologies the various studies used. Attempting to compare or extrapolate from them would be “potentially problematic,” GAO auditors said.

Read the rest:

Those are “official” government sources, not “slanted conservative” sources.  What’s more, all that happened under a supposed Obama-imposed salary “freeze.”  And so did this:

White House Salaries Jump

The “Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff” reveals that White House staff salaries jumped from $37.1 million in 2011 to $37.8 million in 2012, with the total number of White House workers increasing from 454 in 2011 to 468 in 2012.

Topping the list at an annual salary of $172,000 were 20 individuals, including: Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew, Press Secretary Jay Carney, Senior Advisors David Plouffe, and Valerie Jarrett.  

According to the U.S. Census, per capita annual income is $27,334.

Now, let me ask you a few questions:

1 — How do you suppose we can get the entitlement and govt. salary spending under control when no one is willing to take less for the good of the nation?

2 — And how – exactly – is it that the people doing the actual producing in this nation are the “greedy” ones?  Doesn’t it seem more logical to call the people DEMANDING they keep putting more and more money into the never ending pocket are the real greedy people here?

One thought on “Govt. Employees DO Make More Than Private Sector Counterparts

  1. If working for the government is so great, why don’t more people try to do it? For example, why don’t you try to get the same jobs as your relatives?

    Actually, Joe, I agree with you that this is a problem, but the situation is more complicated than you suggest, the figures you use are somewhat misleading, and it’s difficult to compare apples to apples in this case. For example, see this (from what might be perceived as “a slanted conservative” writer):

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