A Simple but Poignant Question that Deserves an Answer

A This says it all:

10 thoughts on “A Simple but Poignant Question that Deserves an Answer

    • Mariela Castro, Hugo Chavez, Socialist Francois Hollande, Nicholas Sarkozy,
      Alexey Pushkov, chairman of the international affairs committee of the State Duma of Russia,

      “Although not endorsing Obama, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized Romney for visiting Israel, saying he was “kissing the foot” of the Jewish state in order to “get some pennies for (his) campaign.”
      In March, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei remarked on Obama, saying, “Two days ago, we heard the president of America say: ‘We are not thinking of war with Iran.’ This is good. Very good. It is a wise word. This is an exit from illusion.”

      There are more….

  1. Hasn’t both the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party, USA both endorse President Obama, as they both endorsed the Occupy Wall Street Movement and President Obama in the 08 election?

    • Must be because Bernanke is printing US dollars and giving them away as quickly as the presses can make them …

    • So that explain why no one anywhere likes Bush, and he did such great things for us, right? But at least Pakistan favors Mitt.

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