For Tony

Yesterday I read a comment by Tony responding to G. (Melfamy). Tony is this really hawt commenter that I kinda have a crush on, and I tend to lose my train of thought when I look at his avatar cause he’s got this great smile and dreamy eyes and……

What the hello was I on about? Oh, yes! Here is Tony’s comment: “i thumbed you up because what you said was funny. do you think that people dislike funny things you say because you have a more leftward leaning view than the majority on here? obviously i am more to the right than you are, but when you say something funny, i try my best not to let our differences take away from the humor. i think this style of conversation would make a great blog article.”

Personally, I believe Tony made a great observation. I don’t know if people think G. is serious when he is joking or if they just dislike his ideology so much that they will thumbs down him regardless.

Typically, I don’t vote at the RNL (unless someone makes me spew my drink – I love nothing more than a good laugh…………well, maybe not nothing……….shhh!) I probably should vote. I believe I hold the record number for thumbs-down votes. I could’ve come to my own rescue, I guess, but I really just don’t give a fat rat’s tiddely boomp.

Just out of curiosity, do you vote on the comment or the commenter?


5 thoughts on “For Tony

  1. Well, let’s play, Kells……

    Obama has not been given enough time. Look at the mess he inherited! Yeah, thank you, Mr. Bush! Romney is just this rich guy who wants to promote Wallstreet fatcats. Obama, on the other hand, will help the middle class and the poor. And just so you know; he killed Osama Bin Laden. Uh-huh. He’s a war hero.

    Global warming deniers are frightening. Thank goodness our president is taking baby steps in green energy. And he didn’t fail; it was the people that didn’t trust the technology that caused those companies to fail! Well, one day they are going to have to come to their senses!

    Obama is hawt, and he is the most intelligent president evah! Let’s face it: would you want to have a beer with Romney or Obama? Oops, I forgot! Romney doesn’t drink. He only ties dogs to cars!! PETA is not pleased, thank you.

    Unemployment is already dropping. No thanks to those stupid tea-partiers in the House that are the cause of it all; they keep holding up everything! I mean, look at the debt Obama was stacked with! All he’s trying to do is tax the rich! It’s only fair. They have more, so they can give more!

    I think your decision at this point in time should be crystal clear.

    Romney/Ryan 2012

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