It’s Official: The World Says Romney Is The Best Choice For Prez

I mean, the rest of the world usually gets it wrong (which is why their citizens all want to leave to come here), so this story must actually mean Mitt is It:

Obama Has Massive Lead in Global Poll

It is not even close: In a world poll of the U.S. presidential race, President Barack Obama is the clear favorite over Governor Mitt Romney. By a margin of 50-9 percent, Obama is favored in the poll of 21,797 respondents in 21 countries around the world.

And THAT is why democracy is a BAD thing: the inmates get to rule the asylum.

13 thoughts on “It’s Official: The World Says Romney Is The Best Choice For Prez

  1. Yep, that must be right–‘cuz the world just loved Bush, and he did wonders for us. But at least Pakistan favors Mitt.

    • Ah see Black, you got ole Jammie Loverboy over there hyperventilating again. You should respect his point of view, because he took the time to point it out in another thread.

      And after all … it’s only his point of view that matters. 🙂

      • Making as much sense as usual, Auggie. If you have nothing meaningful to contribute, why bother spouting off in such childish fashion? I know you’re old enough to know better–early-onset dementia, perhaps?

          • LOL, sorry, he’s about the best you’re going to find in the liberal waters of the world. Any better and he’d be swimming in the Libertarian seas, and if he was a real trophy catch, he’d be found in the rough waters of the conservative/classic liberal oceans. 😉

  2. B., why the hello should we care what the f*ck they think? Crikey! (American version: NUTS!) I tell ya what; let’s just go to a cemetary (aka the UN) and ask em what the f*ck they think, shall we? Your silly post has caused me to lose my temper.

    • “why the hello should we care what the f*ck they think?”

      Because we need them for trade, we owe a bunch of them money, if their economies collapse ours does the same, and we’ll want them to join in our next war, for starters.

      • Bwahahahahahaha!

        Spoken like a true “progressive”… We elect leaders not ambassadors, there Professor. Furthermore, it is the job of the diplomatic corps to defend and support American interests, not apologise for them.

        It is so funny to see the paranoia in the UK papers about Romney – the leftist fruitcakes over here are saying exactly what their comrades in the States are saying – he’s a war monger, he’s an extremist, America’s foreign policy is to bomb people…they like Obama because Obama is a socialist and they love the idea of America having a leader who wants to “lead from behind’. Europe, the UK and the left in America is infected with the same disease of appeasement and apathy that was present immediately before WWII, these morons would sell their sister if they thought that it would forestall them actually having to stand and fight for something.

        There is a paralysing fear on the continent that America and Israel might actually do something about Iran because they know it would spill over into Europe since they have allowed the Islamists to take root and fester in each of the EU countries. The UK still has a little backbone – but not much – and they are inching closer every day to dominance by the EU. We will never get significant support from the Euroweenies and sure as hell never will from China or Russia, so too right – “why the hello should we care what the f*ck they think?”

        The foreign debt is an issue, but when we get our economy back in shape and cut federal spending, we can start down the road to reducing that national security problem and end that issue.

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