Obama Gets an ‘F’ on Most Important Aspect of Foreign Policy — Defense

Obama took the opportunity of last night’s debate to say he was more experienced as a commander-in-chief than Romney and to demonstrate he has little knowledge of the military at all.  If actions count louder than words, Obama told America he is unqualified to be C-in-C last night.  Here’s just one of many stories that lay out the case against Obama:

Obama Gets Military Tech All Wrong in Debate

President Barack Obama ended up revealing an astonishing level of ignorance about the state of military technology during the presidential debate in Boca Raton, FL Monday night.

Read the rest here (this is a good piece)

9 thoughts on “Obama Gets an ‘F’ on Most Important Aspect of Foreign Policy — Defense

  1. Good article. I wish I would’ve seen the debate. I tell you, I’m usually spot on with my first response after watching. At least I was in the other two debates, as well as the VP debate…. Perhaps we all have a bit of the shining here at the RNL.

    • Dang it, I hate to do this but…

      Actually, in the event of nuclear war, roaches and amphibians would most likely inherent the earth as they appear to be most resistant to radiation (sorry, tex 😉 )

      • Thank you for making my point. 🙂
        The cockroaches survive, we all die.
        Best way to get rid of them is to squash them one at a time. Requires “hand tools”.

  2. Meanwhile, Romney flunked geography with his line that Syria is Iran’s “route to the sea.” One can understand why a Republican might want to forget the large country in between the two–Iraq, which is twice the size of Syria with a significantly larger population–but the claim must have surprised Iranians who happen to live on the Persian Gulf or the Gulf of Oman.

    And Mitt talked so much about peace and war as a last resort (and “we don’t want another Iraq”–though he favored that war fairly recently) that I’ve been forced to conclude that Geoge McGovern’s ghost took over Mitt’s body before the debate. Do Mormons do exorcisms?

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