Obama’s Greatest Foreign Policy Mistake

Daniel Greenfield writes that Islam is inherently violent and that the biggest mistake that can be made is to assume that the religion and the violence can be separated. Greenfield is a blogger and columnist born in Israel and living in New York City. He is a  Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and a contributing editor at Family Security Matters.

Our own Black3 has made these same points about Islam, points that I also have echoed even as both of us have been called bigots and Islamophobes. I thought it would be appropriate for both Black and the readers to see that we aren’t alone in this line of thought.

Greenfield writes this at his blog, Sultan Knish:

Obama’s greatest Foreign Policy error was the same one that had been made by Bush and by numerous past administrations. The error was that the problem was not Islam, but Islamic violence. It was Obama however who took that error to its logical conclusion by pursuing a foreign policy meant to part Islamists from their violent tendencies by allowing them to win without the need for terrorism.

Violence, the thinking in diplomatic circles went, was inherently alarming and destabilizing. When Islamists don’t take over, they move to the West, preach radical theology, gather up followers and begin blowing things up. But let them take over their own home countries and they’ll no longer have any reason to draw up maps of London and New York, not when they’re beheading adulterers and burning churches back home.

The Arab Spring was to the Middle East what the betrayal of Czechoslovakia to the Nazis and the betrayal of the rest of Eastern Europe to the Communists was to 20th Century European history. It was the moment when all the diplomatic folly that had come before it came together in one great historical instant of national and international betrayal.

The diplomatic wunderkinds had never taken Islamist theology seriously, just as their predecessors had not considered the possibility that the Bolsheviks might be serious about their world revolution. And they had also failed to recognize that Islamic terrorism was not only a means to power, but also an end in and of itself, a way of harnessing the endless violence and instability in desert societies and turning them into power and profit.

What every Middle Eastern leader has always understood is that the violence, call it raids, terrorism, guerrilla warfare, gang activity, sectarian militias, military coups, desert banditry, was never going away. It was the tiger and the clever leader rides the tiger, rather than ending up inside it, harnessing and directing the violence, to remain in power.

Islam is a religion built around that violence, sanctifying it as a religious principle, and thus taking it out of the realm of Fitna and into the realm of Jihad. The difference between the two is a matter of theology and that theology is a matter of perspective. What is banditry and what is a holy war is a matter of where you’re standing and which way the bullets are flying.

There is more at the link.

11 thoughts on “Obama’s Greatest Foreign Policy Mistake

  1. Thank you for sharing.

    Obama was raised in their traditions. Obama knows what Islam is about, just as a kid raised in west Texas knows what Christianity is about.

    It does not take a genius to understand what Islam’s goals are, just an honest person who is willing to observe and hold people accountable for their ACTIONS.

    • If you’re waiting for me, silly Augger, you know where I stand with regards to this issue. If I didn’t have rehearsals, I would throw you over my lap right now……..and it wouldn’t be for milk and cookies, love!

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  3. Those peaceful Christians and their religion based on peace, the peace that fell over Jericho after all the children, women, and cattle were slaughtered. They charitably drove out the locals because some schizoid old man dreamt that it was his land, and carved some runes on a rock to prove it..

    And the slaves, the end days. yep, enjoy your stay at the Apocalypse, the killing of the unconverted starts after lunch.

    • You are confusing your religions. Greg, Christians do not kill those who refuse to convert. Anyone who does that in the name of Christ violates His teachings.

      Islam is actually the religion that teaches all people must convert, be subjugated and pay a tax or be killed.

  4. One of the biggest problems in the US is that about 95% of our people do not understand that there
    is a religious and a POLITICAL side to Islam. If they dont get this soon we will be overun by the Political side of Islam. We believe in freedom of religion but not freedom of politics as Islam would like us to believe.

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