13 Days And Counting Down

A reminder from May:

Way back last year when I endorsed Mitt Romney, I put forth the idea that this election was going to be an economic election, not a social issue or a foreign policy election. We have had a diversity of views here on that subject and the best candidate to answer the call. The co-bloggers have all had different opinions, I started with Cain, thought about Newt and settled on Romney. Kells went for Ron Paul, Black3 to Santorum and Hockeydad was (is) a Newt guy.

I still think that this will be all about the economy. Obama is doing everything he can to avoid talking about it. It’s Sandra Fluke and the “war on women”, it is “but I got Bin Laden”, Romney was my buddy for designing MassCare but now is an extremist, composite girlfriends like the creepy Julia (which illustrates Obama’s belief in total statism) – pretty much anything except the economy.

His surrogates in the media are trying hard to cover his six. Mitt put his dog on the roof of his car nearly 40 years ago (even though Obama actually ATE dog meat), Ann Romney wears $900 blouses (even though Michelle wears $540 tennis shoes and $2,700 sweaters), anything to distract from the dire status of the economy.

The sycophants at MSNBC are spinning like a dradle. Of Obama’s visit to Afghanistan to sign an agreement to agree to talk at some point in the future and remind voters that he got Bin Laden in a military setting, Chris Matthews (host of Hardball) compared him to Henry V of England…while I agree that Obama thinks he is a king, the comparison stretches credulity. Henry V was actually a real warrior king who picked up a sword and led his men to victory against the French at the Battle of Agincourt .

King Hank the Fifth wasn’t really the proponent of “leading from behind” that President “Gutsy Call” is.

Speaking of “gutsy calls” – a question, if I may – if the radical Muslim world finds the relatively obscure YouTube posted trailer for the schlock “movie”, The Innocence of Muslims, so offensive, how do you think the chaps in the Taliban and al Qaeda feel about Barack “Kill List” Obama and Joe “Bin Laden is dead and GM is on life support” Biden running victory laps around bin Laden’s fish eaten corpse in campaign ads and on national TV?

It would seem that if they want to make the argument that this laughable movie trailer caused demonstrations in Cairo and led to the Benghazi disaster (and the death of four Americans, including an ambassador), the daily bin Laden Memorial 10K’s make Obama and Biden personally responsible for those deaths.

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