Have you read the emails that have been released that PROVE the Obama Administration KNEW that the Libyan attack was terrorist-related AND that they knew the “safe house” was under observation HOURS BEFORE THE ATTACK?

Emails: White House Told Two Hours After Benghazi Attack Began That Radical Islamic Group Claimed Responsibility

This is why there was a drone in place in time to watch the attack in real time: because the Obama Administration knew this was going down in time to send the drone! That means there was time to send help: it was only 30 minutes away — closer than the drone!!!


Spread the word — OBAMA IS A TRAITOR AND MURDERER!  Yes, MURDERER!  Read the law.  Obama put these people where they were, knew they were in peril of death and then did nothing when he DID have the means to send help.  Instead of sending help, HE WENT TO BED!


Like him or hate him, Glenn Beck and The Blaze have been out in front on this story from the very beginning.  In fact, they were the first to break the story.  Beck was reporting on all of this at least 5 days before anyone else picked up on it.  At that time, he reported his sources were at the “Highest Levels” of the State Department, as well as highly placed inside the intelligence community and Defense Department.  When the story was picked up by the main stream media, they reported similar sources.  Today, Beck laid out a timeline crucial to understanding this issue: a timeline  no one else has reported, let alone seems to understand.  You need to watch/listen to the video clip in this story:

EXPOSED: E-Mails Reveal White House Knew Al Qaeda-Linked Group Led Attacks On Embassy

“Why was the general counsel of Turkey meeting with our ambassador at a CIA safe house on September 11th? And here’s where it gets strange. At 12:54 the White House, in e‑mails to the situation room, the White House is alerted there are people watching our safe house. The ambassador and the Turkish general counsel are in the safe house having dinner and there are people watching the exits. That’s what the memo says. They’re watching the exits. One guy says, ‘I don’t know if we’re going to get out of here alive.’”


  1. The whitehouse is receiving pleas for help, while O is heading west on air force 1 to go to a fundraiser for dinner.

    • Righty,

      Oh, Obama should be impeached for any number of reasons. Some of his “executive orders” would be sufficient enough reason — were our Congress still concerned with the nation rather than their own power. Heck, Obama’s speech to the UN advocating a global ban on free speech would have got him impeached by our founders.

      How far we’ve strayed — both in the concerns of this world, and the next.

  2. @ Joe_ B, I agree completely. If we had a competent Republican leadership, will to stand up for what’s right, correct, lawful and Constitutional, he would have been. Sadly, we have Repub wimps, more frightened of what the ‘new media’ will say about them. These are not men of courage, not Statesmen – simply floundering, sad little men. (not all, of course, but way too many… and that beings with Boehner)

    • Righty,

      I once thought that explanation was sufficient to explain what we’ve been seeing from the Republican Party leadership, but no more. Now, I think this is just the talking points given to us by their allies in “conservative” media.

      Personally, I am starting to think Carroll Quigley was correct: there is one party pretending to be two. That explains a lot more than just “they are afraid of the media.”

      • you could well be correct. The Repubs have certainly shown that they don’t take BO seriously… just another Democrat… nothing to see here… move along. It would take another revolution to end our oppression from gov. elites.

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