So Much for the “Smartest President Ever”

I thought Obama was a lawyer??? He must not be, or he wasn’t a very good one (maybe that’s why his transcripts are sequestered?), because I thought one of the very first things they teach lawyers is to NEVER ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. Well, Obama pretty much did that with the media in challenging them to find his “flip-flops.” I guess he may have also thought he had the media in his pocket (since he doesn’t consider FOX or the radio or the Internet to be media — unless Soros funds it, that is). Either way, he asked and they responded. Yeah…apparently, it didn’t go so well for Barry:

Obama Says To Look At “Videotape” For His Flip-Flops

The President hit Mitt Romney for flip-flopping today on the campaign trail in Iowa saying you can look at videotape of his past positions and not see flip-flops. The President, however, has engaged in his own of political gymnastics as well.

Watch the video evidence here:

As my 5 year old son once said to a nephew of mine who had gotten in trouble for the same thing four days in a row: “You don’t learn too quick, do you, Barry?”


[On a side note, it may just be me, but I think there’s blood in the political waters.  The usual cast of characters have mysteriously vanished, and the ones who remain seem to have been reduced to stammering as bad as Barry st-t-t-uters.  Whatever the cause, it is a good time to be right as it has seldom been as easy or as much fun to hit our targets.  In fact, if it gets any easier, they may start trying to arrest us for hunting over a baited field 🙂  )]

One thought on “So Much for the “Smartest President Ever”

  1. There is nothing wrong with hunting wild pigs over bait (in Texas that is– uh-oh, another reason to live in Texas) !
    The feral hogs steal or destroy EVERYTHING they pass over.
    Hmmmm, sounds similar to Progressive Politicians.
    There are so many of them, in order to even the odds, semi-auto target rifles with suppressors and thermal vision are usually required.

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