6th Circuit Court Declares Islam “Political”

Sharia at the Sixth Circuit Court: Frightened little men terrified of our ad, but not the impact on our freedoms

As I predicted after witnessing our hearing in our landmark “Leaving Islam” case back in July, the Sixth Circuit has ruled that SMART was justified in rejecting our ads because Islam is political. So does that open the door to removing the religious protections afforded this political system (sharia) that assets authority over non-Muslims?

Our ad was a religious ad. The intention was to save lives like that of Rifqa Bary (Noor Almaleki, Amina Said, Sarah Said, Jessica Mokdad, et al). The court, in a tortured and twisted opinion, said it was a political ad. Even so, all religious speech is political. The Constitution says so. It’s protected as a political right under the first amendment.

This is the sort of thing you had better expect from our courts because — as long as this nation remains cowardly in the face of Islamic threat — we will see more of this, a LOT more!

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