Current Economic State…Who’s To Blame?

A friend of mine recently posted this on a social media site, and it was such an insightful and thought-provoking post I asked him if I could use it here on the Dryer Report. Obviously he concurred.

Now my friend is a quiet Conservative and in no way a bomb throwing right-wing in your face or die type of individual.  So to have him express his views in a very public way says volumes about how deeply he holds what he is expressing here.  So lets enjoy

There is a lot of blame being hurled in our modern Political Arena. So many people attempt to blame our current state of the economy on one person. This is neither fair, nor is it realistic.

Globalism is what’s driving economic changes the worldwide. One cannot, in fairness, blame Bush, Obama, Reagan, Clinton, or Carter for our current state. Actually, ALL of the individuals listed are to blame.

BOTH political parties are to blame.

The Democrats embrace Globalism because it aids in wealth redistribution, and it fosters a diverse, multicultural environment.

The Republicans embrace Globalism because it creates a surplus labor pool of cheap labor.

Globalism has placed American workers in direct competition with cheap labor in both Communist, and Global South or under-developed countries.

Consumers are also accomplices in Globalism because we are always demanding more and wanting to pay less so that we can have more. Price seeking is much easier, so this puts pressure and creates competition among companies to provide products at cheaper prices.

Powerful Labor Unions are to blame as well because they’ve shifted from seeking fair wages for workers to engaging in extortion in both the Public and Private sectors. This has contributed to the loss of our manufacturing-based jobs.

Still, Globalism has also come about because of the ebbs and flows of an increasingly complex economic system. The world-wide population explosion has increased demand for products and services, and resulted in an increased consumption of resources.

There is only one Country on the planet that has the ability to be completely self-sustaining; that country is Russia.

To meet our current manufacturing demands, it requires a total of 27-minerals. Here in the United States, we can only produce only 9 (or one-third) of the 27 needed. This requires global trade and has nothing to do with a particular individual or political party.

Globalism is here to stay, and although during the  transitionary period things seem worse, in the end we will all benefit from it. Both parties will use it to their advantage.

It has been driven by consumer demand and it’s part of free-trade. Globalism has evolved naturally and is necessary. It wasn’t started by any one person or party.

Well put, but I do have some disagreements with part of this summation.

For one, Russia doesn’t have enough of its own oil supply to independently sustain itself.  And not even China has all the resources needed to isolate itself from trading with worldwide partners.  But China has become the largest producer and consumer of non-fuel minerals.  Which places it squarely at odds with the U.S. as both are competing for the same prize.

But there are things that can be done to make this new era in “globalism” more palatable here in the U.S.  Trade agreements would be a start.  Making China play by accepted international rules would also level the “playing field”.

Let us not forget… China is not a free and open society.  If those in charge in China deem it necessary to starve millions of its own citizens to meet the economic goals of the privileged class then millions will starve and no amount of worldwide gnashing of teeth will change that fact.

The Cold War may be over but the basic regimes and power-heads still remain in those countries that were adversaries of the West  for 50 years.  They may be friendly but they still are not our friends.

10 thoughts on “Current Economic State…Who’s To Blame?

  1. Globally, we could first start by encouraging free trade by instituting a new import & rxport tariff structure: whatever tariff another country places on our goods and services, we america match. Let’s say, China places a 20% import tax on American goods, then America will place a 20% import tax on Chinese goods. China wants no tax, then china will place no tax on imports from America.

    Next, America’s corporate income taxes are now the highest in The world. They need to be the lowest in the world.

    Regulations? Anerica has the most onerous regulations preventing free action in the world; complete repeal and start all over again.

    Obamacare must be repealed to lower business’ costs.

    Etc. …..

    • I agree with Texas. I think this is top priority. This morning I had a look at Milton Friedman Volume 10: How to Stay Free, and all I could think was how great it would be to take a wrecking ball to so many bureaucratic buildings.

  2. With respect to your friend, this was spoken like a true progressive. Globalism will benefit no one but the most powerful on earth, and it will be used to enslave the rest.

    Think of it this way: the many nations are to the separation of powers preventing one-world government as the separation of powers in our constitution is to preventing one-branch dictatorship.

    Globalize the world and you end up with global dictatorship. In fact, this is exactly what was predicted — some 2,760 years ago.

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