I Do Not Recognize This Nation :-(

AMERICA!  What ever happened to truthjustice…and the American way?

When this nation cares more about a storm than high treason, then I have to accept that, though I live in the United States, I no longer live in America. The nation that was born on July 4, 1776, and to which I dedicated my youth, has been murdered by a nation of idolaters, materialists and secular humanists. Just look at what is being passed off as the big stories of the day:

How Is the Mainstream Media Covering Friday’s Major Libya News? We Checked, and It Might Depress You

As much as it pains me to say this, FDR and, yes, even Woodrow Wilson were better than Obama. In fact, I’d hazard to say I am certain that, were either of those two men alive today, they would actually be standing with me on this issue. When was the last time in this nation’s history that a sitting President gave military arms and political comfort to a declared enemy — let along an enemy with which we are actually at war?

America, you would do well to review Matthew 7, especially verses 7:15-21


11 thoughts on “I Do Not Recognize This Nation :-(

      • No Black, Greg isn’t taking it off topic at all. He knows exactly what he is doing, and it’s dishonest. While weaving correlations between revered Republican presidents such as Reagan to the ineptness of the liberal (which he has to defend regardless of his thoughts on our current administration because of his twisted ideology) movement with bipartisan statements such as “NK has been gaming presidents for decades now”, he hides behind a false syllogism.

        That’s just how he rolls.

        • So he is defending Obama for willingly letting 4 Americans die (murder, actually — when you remember they were there because Obama sent them) AND the selling of weapons to an enemy with whom we are currently at war?

          Well, then, you know what that makes him, don’t you?

          • That’s the beauty of it, B. If you look at his post, it’s fashioned in such a way that you cannot claim he’s defending Obama at all … and if you do, you will get the very predictable “As I have said before, I am not for Obama” response from him.

            Is he deflecting away from the pressures exerted by the conservatives? Absolutely. And of course he’s defending Obama. He just isn’t saying so.

            • Oh, trust me, I am WELL aware of the tactic, Augger. The progressives are very good at dog whistles. They say things in such a way that we ALL know and understand what they mean, but when you say anything about it, they can do as you say: point to the transcript and say they never said any of that.


              • Yep. And it’s good to point the fact out from time to time when it is happening.

                Keep honest folks honest and all. 🙂

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